Age Poll - How old are you, really?

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #81

There is no escape from Brexit

(Paul Whittaker) #82



It gives me little consolation to see that Amerika is not the only country being torn apart by its politicians.

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #84

I Have had an Italian sub contractor working on my Project for six weeks now and in a conversation we had before he headed back off to Italy he remarked that, it was the first time he could say that Italy had a more stable government than the UK, I couldn’t agree more.

(Ian Medland) #85

100% Moonraker of Celtic extraction
Currently living in London Zone 2 (so small rooms and awful mains supply quality)
Heading for 50 later this year (so planning a stupid gift for myself, probably an Ortofon Cadenza Blue)

(Stephen Vorenberg) #86

76, American, Caucasian.

(Mike O'Neill) #87

We don’t even get real Guinness here , I’m not sure where it comes from but it sure ain’t Liffey water :sob:

Castle Milk Stout is a fair potion though or was before the Euro/ US took over

(Mike O'Neill) #88

Brexit is what’s stuffing up my pension :see_no_evil:

Checkout the Rand Pound exchange rate …

(Dom) #89

Well I am also a Whisky nerd - but too shy or ashamed to show my bottles, would seem like a real alcoholic :sunglasses: I guess it is also something that fits the same group as most of the Rooners which is between 40 and 70.
Come on noone 91 plus here?

(Henry) #90

The biggest consumers of Guinness in the world are Nigerians! It is brewed in Jamaica too alongside a local brew called Dragon Stout.

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #91

Really, well every day you learn something. How did you come by this nugget?

(Ged) #92

58, Liverpudlian by birth so at least 25 percent Irish.
Resident in London.

(Henry) #93

They were discussing it on the BBC. You can buy the Nigerian stuff in parts of London and someone was suggesting it was worth seeking out if you liked it stronger with a hint of sweetness.

(Jan) #94

As we can see “51-60” has the lead with 138 voters.
On 2nd place is “61-70” with 116 voters followed by “41-50” with 108 voters.

What do you guys think of doing poll on HiFi gear life-time investments? I believe this excerise can be quite painful :grimacing: It sound and feels better to call it investments rather than costs…

(Mike O'Neill) #95

DI once went to the Ogba brewery , it massive , I found a piece of kit installled which I had decommissioned years before

But it’s not real Guinness , it’s strong lager plus a dose of Guinness cordial. Guinness don’t trust anyone to brew Guinness except Dublin and the late Park Royal in London. Everyone else is provided with the flavour

(Henry) #96

That does explain the different flavours different territories come up with. Thanks for the explanation!

(Ken Lesniak) #97

Italian/Polish decent

(Ged) #98

Had a friend who worked at Park Royal in the 80’s, Guinness at 10p a pint in the social club.

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #99

There wont be many who can remember exactly what they bought and at what price, let alone actually admit it.
Maybe not best eh!

(Geoff Coupe) #100

On the other hand, there will be sad souls like me who still has the receipt for his Revox A77 for 187 pounds and 19 shillings, dated the 20th August 1969. Not to mention the receipt for his pair of Quad ELS-57s for 280 pounds 80p dated 29 September 1976… The Quads are still going strong, BTW.