Age Poll - How old are you, really?

(Bill Conkie) #101

I am 87 and I seem to be alone.

(Mike Schneider) #102

I am South African, Caucasian, 62 years old.
Mother originally from Poland, Father South African, his Father Lithuanian.

(Andrew Cox) #103

Never ! We’re all in here with you Bill.

My favourite part of this thread title is the “…, really ?” implying that Forum users may have otherwise been disguising their ages. A sly dig at the emotional maturity implied by some of our posts ?

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #104

Geoff, you may well be a special exception

(Jan) #105

Swedish humour is the answer. Sometimes ironic and some what British. Or just lack of language nuance. Maybe both.

(Mike O'Neill) #106

Ah there are 2 of us , I’m in Fourways jhb

(Mike O'Neill) #107

Working in a brewery is a dangerous game , I spent 37 years in the industry

In the earlier, pre health and safety days , breweries wet “wet” free beer on the job and the canteens

I still get free beer into retirement,but alas a strict diet stops my drinking it :disappointed_relieved::laughing:

I had an ankle replacement and had to shed 40 kg

(Mike O'Neill) #108

I vaguely remember my. A77 was 250 up in 1974

My quad ESL 62 didn’t like Johannesburg, altitude and dryness

(Ged) #109

I had to give basic computer and Microsoft skills training to the managers of Bass breweries. Had a training window of 9 to 12:30 - pissed presumed brain dead after lunch.


I am really 72, and with few exceptions I am having the time of my life.

(Mike O'Neill) #111

Alas no more , most breweries are very Dry these days

my brewery had a random breathalyzer policy, as Brewmaster I had a Tasters pass, get out jail free, but a positive blow was a dismissible offense


As it should be, I am sure. I live within 5 miles of the Coors brewery in Golden, and free beer used to be a thing. After your shift, you got to hoist a few. Then the attitudes about driving and drinking changed. So did the “benefit”.

(Mike O'Neill) #113

I had a couple of South African mates who went to Coors, Warren Quilliam is still there

Sa beer policy has changed since AB took over SAB I believe, the brewery pubs have dwindled if not closed


In fact, Coors has started to charge a fee for the “brewery tour” that was free for many years. Tourists used to que up for the walk through and get a small cold one at the end. That’s gone now.

(Mike O'Neill) #115

I’ve been retired 6 yrs now, since then InBev/ Annheuser Busch bought SAB , I gather a lot of changes like that have happened, fortunately none of Ts&Cs of my retirement, so far

(Cees Vreugdenhil) #116

I also fall into the 32%. Dutch by birth an currently living on the first island wilst traveling south…the always picturesque Hoeksche Waard.

(Mike Schneider) #117

Hi Mike, from the other Mike, Morningside JHB here, not that far

(Janet ) #118

I wish you had included in your poll something about gender ID. I’m curious about how many other females are signed up.

(Janet ) #119

You’re no longer alone. I’m 80.5.
But as a female, feeling very lonely!

I’ve been into audio and gear since I was 18. I recently spoke to a audio gear owner who said he’d never had a call from a female before. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard a similar remark about how uncommon it was to talk to a female. People who come to the house assume all that gear belongs to my husband. He doesn’t even know how to turn it on!

(Jan) #120

Please vote. Round off how you like, up or down.