Age Poll - How old are you, really?

(Ralph Pantuso) #143

I hope that the gold you are referring to is actual gold and not the gold referred to in the term “golden ear”. But then again with high end audio price (aka gold) is everything, is it not, as in no bad reviews for $200,000 speakers, etc.

(James Blessing) #144

As of today, 88% over 40. 63% over 50.

(Henry) #145

Just had a quick scan over the MQA threads, and despite the mean age here there are plenty behaving like pedantic ten year olds!

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English by birth
Live in Somerset, England
Age 41 and 350 odd days!

Currently sat listening to Talk Talk (for the first time, I somehow missed them first time around) trying to work out how to finance some new speakers, which is a fairly normal occurance.

(Trevor Cameron) #147

Hmmm, looks stereotypical. …
Melbourne, Victoria

(Mr Fix It ) #148

we are so far away from the poll at the top is anyone actually still inputting their contributions? 601 votes to date

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(Derrick Davis) #149

…Wow… guess I can’t say im suprised lol…

United States of America
Atlanta, Georgia
African American

(Scott Fletcher) #150

47 in August with twin 6 year old boy/ girl to look after
North east England by trade but long since London…
Just today quit my job at a global Telco to take a short sabbatical and hopefully find the right role to reinvigorate my career…
Now, where’s that beverage…?

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(Eric) #151

dutch by birth.
live in Haarlem, Netherlands.
51 years old
caucasian (hate that word for some reason)
meeting all stereotypes :thinking:

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(Didge) #152

I have exactly the same experience all the time.

I’m a 48-year-old female from Belgium.
Caucasian and living in Belgium.

I wish people stopped using the term WAF in reviews, marketing, etc. It’s not very flattering.

Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos
(Mike) #153

Checking all the stereotype boxes here too.


We could live without references to SWMBO also…

(Mike) #155

Switching to PAF, partner or people appreciation factor, with immediate effect.


Or simply call it what it generally is, aesthetic appeal…

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I’m in my 30s so I can’t speak for ”the kids below 30” but I think you nailed most of the reasons. I have a lot of friends and colleagues in that age group and even though most have good salaries Roon is just not affordable enough for what it gives them. In a cost-benefit calculation.

Also very little downloaded material with these people (and I’m quite the same). All of them have Spotify and depending on subculture also SoundCloud or similar. Almost none thinks Tidal is worth the increase in SQ considering the higher cost and lesser tech.

Bluesound is considered hifi and expensive, even though they could probably buy a couple of Bluedound devices a month without breaking a sweat. Devialet is insane. ”I would never put close to half of my monthly salary on speakers!”. Yes, that would be CRAZY. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you go nerdy you go Vinyl not downloaded files. I have never talked to anyone around 30 or younger into hi-res downloads. And I talk music a lot, but almost no one I have talked to get the concept of downloading music. Only if it’s the only way of finding that track/album/mixtape.

(Ralph Pantuso) #159

Thanks for the detailed response. Goes a long way in laying out the problems face Roon going forward, once us old guys fade away.


Indian by birth
Live in Mumbai, India
Indian/South Asian
Forty three years old

(I have been a Hi-Fi enthusiast for about 12 years now; I listen to a wide range of genres but prefer Classic Rock, Jazz and the Blues; I have whatever’s the opposite of “golden ears”; I think I’ve finally found my brands of choice in Dynaudio and Accuphase; I could use a Guinness right about now)

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I thought the term died out in the nineties, and deservedly so. But for retroactive effect, though it’s a bit of a stretch, could we change it to “wide-ranging aesthetic favour”? :thinking:

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #162

I am really sure those of us in our fifties or sixties would not refer to ourselves as ”Elderly” to be honest, senior maybe.

(Ron The Bear) #163

I’m still running around a cricket field on weekends. I ain’t old until I retire!

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