Age Poll - How old are you, really?

(Ralph Pantuso) #143

I hope that the gold you are referring to is actual gold and not the gold referred to in the term “golden ear”. But then again with high end audio price (aka gold) is everything, is it not, as in no bad reviews for $200,000 speakers, etc.

(James Blessing) #144

As of today, 88% over 40. 63% over 50.

(Henry) #145

Just had a quick scan over the MQA threads, and despite the mean age here there are plenty behaving like pedantic ten year olds!


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Currently sat listening to Talk Talk (for the first time, I somehow missed them first time around) trying to work out how to finance some new speakers, which is a fairly normal occurance.

(Trevor Cameron) #147

Hmmm, looks stereotypical. …
Melbourne, Victoria

(Mr Fix It ) #148

we are so far away from the poll at the top is anyone actually still inputting their contributions? 601 votes to date

(Derrick Davis) #149

…Wow… guess I can’t say im suprised lol…

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