Ain't Broke (ethernet options)

We have ethernet running from our modem/router to our listening room (~40 ft).

There is connects to a switch and our NUC (i7 etc), Auralic G2, etc.

There is no signal problem.

Is there any advantage to putting the NUC next to the router and running the ethernet from there to the Auralic G2? (i.e. a shorter run to the NUC)

Input appreciated.

No. To be concise.

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None whatsoever.



Thank you, and I could not conceive of a benefit. Happy New Year.

If anything, a longer Ethernet cable might be better than a short one as the voltage drops with length, and so any noise it carries will drop proportionately. If there is any discernible effect, I would expect it to be on the streamer rather than the NUC, as that’s where any noise might couple into the analogue electronics, so in your case probably not an issue.
Whether this makes an audible difference at all is another matter. For most, I would say it’s something that’s not worth worrying about.

Thank you for the input.

Just another fantasy of how things work in real life. Nothing of it makes any sense.