Airplay 2 on RoPieeeXL

Trying to incorporate non Roon compatible music sources into a whole home audio setup using raspberry pi, there are occasions where I would like to play in two places at once, any chance Ropiee XL will support AirPlay 2 in the future?

I thought it did. I currently have the latest OS on a mac mini and it plays fine to my DigiOne ropieeeXL.

It definitely has airplay1 but I am looking to do multi room (play to multiple devices at once)which requires airplay 2.
Just wanted to see if airplay 2 was on the horizon

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Hi there,

first of all thanks a lot for RoPieee! :slight_smile:

Now that Shairport-Sync can do AirPlay 2 will RopieeeXL also support it? I‘m currently running Raspberry OS with the current Shairport-Sync but I would love to have it within Ropieee.


Challenge is a little bit the testing part. I don’t own any Apple product, so it’s a bit of a blind spot.

I could do some testing if it helps.

Also happy to do some beta testing of Airplay2. :slight_smile: