Airplay but not Sonos

I recently upgraded some older Sonos speakers to newer ones. In the process, I no longer have the ability to connect to them as Sonos device; I can only see them as Airplay devices.

Does anyone have a theory on why that might be? TIA!

Hey @Ian_Glazer

Have you tried rebooting the system running your Roon Core?

Under Setting - Audio you can enable and disable. You likely have multiple “devices” in Roon for each Sonos speaker. I disable the Airplay versions. You might need to enable them explicitly.

Thanks all. I tried both to no avail. Here’s a screenshot of my Audio Settings.

I have the same problem. Did you get them working again?

Yes and no. I have my Sonoses on a separate VLAN from my Roon server. I used to be able to get to them with this config but apparently either something has change in the way the server looks for Sonos endpoints or something has changed in my network config. By moving one box onto the same VLAN as the Roon did the trick


Did you get any further with this problem? I have just started trying out Roon for the first time and have had Sonos devices for about 13 years now. Mine are not set up on a different subnet or vlan - when Roon server installed it found all my Sonos players except that the Sonos Move is only Airplay like yours (and I think the Sonos One is the same). All my other Sonos players (2x ZP80’s and 2x ZP100’s show up as Sonos devices and can be grouped together - but not with the Sonos Move as Roon sees it as an AirPlay device only.

Any help would be greatly appreciated if you or anyone else has a solution.


SORRY - Scrub my last reply: For anyone else struggling with the same issue I found a solution by going back to Roon Settings Page, did a refresh of the devices list in the Audio settings page, and there under my Sonos Move and Sonos One devices (in Other Network Devices) it showed a second option/version of each player as a Sonos device and I had to click on the Enable button - et Voila! All sorted :+1: