Airplay Code triggered on MacBook Pro

I am trying to set up a MacBook Pro as an audio device to link with my Roon Core. I am using the Roon App on my iPhone, and the MacBook Pro appears on the list and I have set it to enabled. However, if I try to play to the MacBook Pro the lap top shows a 4 digit airplay code - and I cannot see where the code should be entered? So the play command does not then initiate playing the track!! I have seen lots of posts about this occurring with Apple TV - and how to solve it there - but none about the same issue with a MacBook Pro which of course has a different operating system! Ideas please? Many thanks Chris

Check this out …

Thanks Carl - but I think this relates to Apple TV - which runs on a different operating system to the Max OS - so very different menu options!! It’s the Mac OS issue I am hoping to fix please! Many thanks. Chris

Understood, I only use iPhone/iPad, and thought this approach would be applicable for MacOS as well (admittedly with different menu options).

Let’s see if a MacOS user can help you.

Ok Mac Users - found a solution in case this helpful for anyone else! Go to System Settings, General, and then Airdrop and Handoff. Enable Airplay Receiver, and then Allow Airplay for anyone on the same network - and that seems to fix the issue! I hope this helps anyone else with the same challenge! Happy 2023 everyone! All the very best Chris

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Thanks @Chris_Thompson, for sharing the solution. Enjoy.

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