AirPlay stopped working

Have been using Roon with my Pioneer SC-LX57 via. airplay (Ethernet) which was working fine. Now music is no longer streaming to the device. I can see the Pioneer as an endpoint (airplay streaming) and I can set music to play in it however nothing happens. The progress counter doesn’t move off 0.00 seconds. The signal path is light blue and shows the correct signal path.

I’ve reset the Pioneer. Rebooted my ROCK. Checked the audio settings for the device in Roon (not many options to be honest).

Any obvious things I should be trying? I was quite happy with the Airplay quality (I don’t use the Pioneer for music very often so don’t need top SQ) and I don’t really want to go down the route of putting together a rPi solution no matter how inexpensive that is.

I should have said that I can connect to airplay on the Pioneer directly from my iPhone or iPad. So the receiver seems to be working.

Here’s a screenshot of the signal path…

I have the same problem. Airplay is working with iTunes. But it stops working with Roon ! It was working until this morning. What happens ?

I’m having the same problem with Air Play through Apple TV