AirPlay streaming TO a RoonCore

The RoonCore does a good job of seeing my various Apple AirPlay devices; however, I would love to play music from my Laptop to my RoonCore. This would make a great workaround for the lack of Pandora support.

As an alternative workaround, have a look at this thread:

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I was about to create a feature request when I found this one. Being able to send AirPlay streams to RoonCore would be great way to send audio from apple apps.

Roon server with integrated Airplay client (like Shairport) for streaming via Airplay to Roon endpoints would be nice. No particular hardware and no virtual audio cable would be required. This would allow to stream from IOS and Mac devices via Roon server to any Roon endpoint. Something similar should be possible to enable Android and Windows devices to stream via Roon server to Roon endpoints. In this way Spotify, Qobuz and other media sources could be listened to via the Roon infrastructure which would be a great benefit.

Having Airplay in the Core really would be a great feature. That way (moreless) anything could be streamed through all Roon connected players.
Coming from LMS that really is the only feature I am lacking since changing over to Roon. Using the BBC iPlayer or audiobooks etc streamed to my Endpoint.

Although my speakers are AirPlay capable, I’d like to benefit from Roon’s multiroom and DSP capability.
There are plenty of occasions I’ve wanted to do that from a variety of different sources.