Alarm clock extension question

I was looking for a feature where I could play a selection at a specific time.

To do this requires an extension, still in beta test.
The extension requires an extension manager also in beta test.
The extension manager requires I install node.js and Git.
Node is a support environment for running Javascript and Git is a source control management system.
And I have to install all that in order to be able to schedule a selection.

Have I got this right? Seems like it would be simpler…


Yep, you’ve got it right. A lot of moving parts :slight_smile:

I’d suggest using homebrew if you are running this on a Mac, it will make it easier to install node.js. I did this same thing on a Mac mini and got it running, but at midnight it decided to install updates and was getting an error I have not yet chased down. I will probably take a look at the error soon and try to get this going. I’d be interested in your experience.

Or, the Alarm Clock is a configuration switch in RoPieee on a Pi.

Or, it isn’t that big a deal to do the first-time install, and everything after that is updated through Roon.

Ah, good to know- I just installed RopieeeXL but unfortunately it’s not in my bedroom zone where I want the alarm. :neutral_face:

I have Sonos in the bedroom and I’d like to use the alarm for that.

Not required. In Roon you control the play zone in the Alarm Clock GUI — the extension can be run anywhere,

I think I see what you’re saying. Yes, I have it setup and configured through the alarm clock UI. But, like I said, it stopped the extension manager at midnight and tried to do some updates and I haven’t followed up yet to see what the error was and restart it… I’ll get to that soon, probably this weekend.

I thought you were saying that Ropieee had a separate alarm clock function besides that built-in to Roon. My RPi is in my main listening room, not where I want the alarm.

No, @Jan_Koudijs ‘s Alarm Clock extension can be run from any given RoPieee Pi. But, the Alarm Clock itself is controlled from Roon, and you can assign any zone to any of the alarms (unrelated to the RoPieee that the Alarm extension is physically running on). Does this make sense?

The hardware remote works the same — the USB plug can be on any RoPieee, but the control zone can be anything.


Ahhh, I see! Well, that is pretty cool, I’ll have to try setting that up. Thanks for the clarification!

Edit: Well, that was as simple as toggling “off” to “on” :smile: We’ll see if that wakes me up in the morning :sunny:

Have you taken the Automator steps? It takes care of a restart after an update.

I have not done it yet- thanks for the tip!