Alarm Function / Wakeup Timer : Scheduling music and streaming services by date, time and zone

I leave music running to all my zones concurrently and control on/off locally. This makes sure there is always music available and no one needs a controller nearby to get some tunes going. To do this on other systems I have a basic playlist that I load daily in the morning to ‘reset’ the music and make sure all the zones are set appropriately.

Are there any provisions for anything like this upcoming?

Hi currently there is no alarm/timer function, but it is a feature that I know has been requested.

Rather than loading play lists, consider using the “radio” function this will keep the music flowing indefinitely.

Right. That’s the current workaround. I typically ‘reset’ the playlist in the morning to a ‘general pop’ type list so whoever was playing with the system the night before doesn’t leave me with radio set to Yanni or the smooth stylings of Kenny G.

Hi, not really a work-a-round you can create and load playlists as required.
However with the radio you may not need to… as you can seed the radio by selecting a suitable album, then the radio uses that album to as a basis for its selections.
Give it whirl.

Not stupid at all, others have also asked [not in this forum] for feature. It makes for a great bedroom wakeup call.


Great idea!

Def not stupid. It’s a massively useful feature. It was always there in Squeeze and we used it for years.

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Thanks for the suggestion guys, I like it too. We’ve got lots and lots of ideas in the pipeline that will help to seamlessly integrate Roon with your daily lives and routines, all of which will flesh themselves out over time after we launch and collect more feedback. Keep it coming!


+1 to alarm function

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  • lots to alarm function. Very important functionality IMO.

Stupid idea, but how easy would it be to create a clock radio in Roon that could trigger a particular zone at a certain time?

Both on a one-off basis or regular basis.

I’d do this per day weekly to allow folks in countries with different “weekends” to equally benefit.

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Could someone give us an idea where radio is on the priority list please ?

Near topic : we keep a sonos play as a radio alarm clock. It is nice to be able to program a certain radio station or playlist for a certain moment. Perhaps not the functionality one needs in a high end audio system, but it makes a lot of sense.

I would love to be able to schedule Albums, Playlists or streaming radio (when it arrives). For example, set a music playlist to start at x time each day, or on a certain day through single or multiple zones. So, used as an alarm, or to kick in just when I arrive home from work each day …

I would like an alarm function built into the Roon system.

Yes, I know it sounds hokey but hear me out. My system consists
of a main listening room (BAT Electronics, Cary, and Wilson Audio speakers),
and three other rooms which have powered speakers (B&O, etc.). I run Roon
on a Synology NAS. I have previously owned both Sonos (which was very
satisfying for many years), and Bluesound (which I bought and used for only a
few months earlier this year – but now I will pull it out again given Roon
support – Thank You!!). Both of these systems had an alarm system, allowing me
to wake to music or the radio on a predetermined schedule. I used this feature
all the time and found that having this little convenience was just wonderful.
While not what Roon was built for, if Roon is going to power all my audio end
points, which include my bedroom, it should be able to wake me to my favorite
music or news show.

Thank you for your consideration.

  •    Christopher.

This should be an obvious feature, and along with better radio support (want to see available stations to choose from, not paste in an arcane URL!), the most wanted basic feature. Naturally, everybody use their sound system to wake up to radio (or music) every day. I did quit before trial period was over, as these features are missing.

[quote=“Sven_Chr_Ulvatne, post:15, topic:15339, full:true”]
Naturally, everybody use their sound system to wake up to radio (or music) every day. [/quote]
Not so fast, sunshine. I don’t. And even if it were available, I wouldn’t. We all have different priorities in life. :wink:

I like to be fast, and i have looked for years to find a decent alternative to LMS but not throwing away my 10+ squeeze units. Roon is the best by far, but LMS makes my family wake up in different (multi)rooms every day, and mkes it easy tofind and browse radio stations without knowing the URL. Would buy Roon immediately x3 locations if this was present.


Was just about to also make the Alarm suggestion. Great idea.


Er, then you should look here:

Would also be great if you could record webb-radio using the scheduling function. I.e. every Monday 10-11 records this webbradio stream to file. Then you could have a seperate tab for recorded webbradio episodes.