Alban Claret & Evan Clegg - The Collection - BeBop - Instrumental Jazz

The first release on my new jazz record label is released today. As an audiophile and sound engineer I’ve done everything I can t make this sound good, so I’m hoping it will appeal to fellow roon fans.

The 96Khz/24bit versions are available on bandcamp (today is bandcamp friday - so anything you pay comes direct to me and the musicians).

But also 48Khz/24bit versions on Tidal and Qobuz.

It was mixed and mastered in the box so the only conversion until it reaches your room endpoint was in the studio when we recorded (at 96Khz/24bit). It was recorded live in the studio with no overdubs.

The mastering engineer produced the 48Khz downsamples - so on the streaming services above you’ll be hearing what we intended - not some software platform’s guess of what we’d like you to hear.

And of course we made no attempt to make it loud!

Happy to answer any questions on the production (mics, preamps, convertors etc)

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Thanks for calling attention to this release.

Very well recorded and nice sounding with some really good playing. My only quibble is that it’s much too short (just under 30 minutes).

Thanks for the kind words.

Just one day in the studio I’m afraid.

Would have been nice to have recorded a couple more tunes - but world events made that hard.

Hope to get them back at some point.