Album access? TIDALTRACKCOPYRIGHT StreamingStartDate

There is a new song that came out today and there by the access is “25 aug” but in Roon i could at first not find the song even when i could play it in TIDAL but in ROON it says "TIDALTRACKCOPYRIGHT StreamingStartDate { Year 2017 Month 8 Day 27 Hour 0 Minute 0 Second 0 } and its not playable.

Why is that?

Our cloud service can lag a bit as new releases from TIDAL are processed and added to our database, and as enhanced metadata is retrieved.

If it’s not resolved in 24 hours, can you drop us a link to the track from TIDAL’s website, and also let us know which country you’re in? Thanks!

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It was just a some track they sent a PUSH notice to my phone.

and i live in Sweden.

But then i know more about how Roon works so thanks! :slight_smile:

still the same. it can’t be played.

and still "TIDALTRACKCOPYRIGHT StreamingStartDate { Year 2017 Month 8 Day 27 Hour 0 Minute 0 Second 0 } under “FILE TAGS”

why i ask about this is because this is not the first time for me.

The track is playable on TIDAL but hard to find in Roon.

Hi Emanuel,

According to the copyright tag, it should be available tomorrow. It looks like an error, but since it’s only one day out, you might just want to wait instead of having the Roon guys try and fix it.

If it’s not available tomorrow, then report back here.

btw, what’s the song? I’d be interested in knowing what it shows for me here in Canada.

Cheers, Greg

Greg its not a great song so its not that i was just wondering why this happens :slight_smile:

The TIDAL app sent me a PUSH with it and i wanted to try it in Roon but it’s not the first song that has been like this for me! :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend and the song is NOT important it’s just the WHY i wanted to know about :slight_smile:

The song was linked back in 3 post. :slight_smile:

Hi Emanuel,

I checked the track and get the same results as you.

I’ll check it again tomorrow too.

Cheers, Greg

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@Emanuel_Persson Hi Emanuel, please would you post a screenshot of the “File Tags” pop-up for this track. Mine says streaming start date from 24th August (US region). I’m wondering if yours is different and/or TIDAL has updated the data.

Thanks. Please would you confirm that you are able to stream now?

My gut feeling is that we got bad copyright data and that it’s been updated. Unfortunately, at this point, I don’t know when.

I expect that your data will update in the next few days.

Yes late on 27e it started working.

why i asked you guys about this is because i have seen this before. and for this song it was released like it should have been on TIDAL but not in Roon.