Album and a black screen! Against Album with a large image of the Album behind!

First I want to thank Roon and there crew for a great work with 1.3 :+1:.
It’s super great!

I have noticed that some of my Album is showing against a black background!
But other Album is showing against a larger image of the Album!
Of course does I like the one with the Album against a black background much better!
But I don’t know if it’s something that I have done or it’s impossible, to get all my Albums showing like that against a black background!
It must take up less power than showing against a huge image of the Album!

I hope that I can get help with this issue,

Hello Roon Community and Roon,
Is I’m the only person who has this “problem” or have noticed it?
If someone else have noticed it, please write a comment about it!
If you have any idea how it came up and if there’s something to do about it!

Best regards,

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I know it is some time since this was raised, but when you get an album with a white cover … like say the Beatles White Album … it has the effect of making the background a light grey which looks very unpleasant!

Hi, @Chris_Cook, thanks for your report! We will discuss that thing internally and then see what we can do with it.