Album art browser on iPad... Pinch to Zoom iOS functionality possible?

Use my iPad Air 9.7" tablet as remote for my Roon Server.

The browse album art functionality in 1.3 is a very welcome addition which adds to that ‘hands on’ feeling of browsing your music.

One niggle I’d bring up though, on images with track lyrics, printed essays and the like, even when you tap on the image to expand a lot of the time the text is still too small to be readable?

Instinct is to zoom in to better read the text (a la normal iPad usage) but currently we cant.
Even on a 9.7" tablet it can be a problem, so maybe perhaps even more so with an Ipad Mini or the like?

Love Roon… this would be very cool and really add to the experience in my view. :slight_smile:


I was going to raise this issue too. Even more of an issue on an iPhone. Even on a big PC screen. iOS zoom gestures would be very handy, and on a PC allow zoom perhaps by using the mouse scroll wheel. Also on PC, it’s nice to maximise the images, but you can’t scroll then. Would be good to be able to maximise, and then scroll for the best view.

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Hello everyone. Has this been given attention from Roon Labs? This is something I would like as well.

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As this software is “one-size-fits-all-platforms”, I would not hold my breath that any specific features for an individual platform will be implemented.

I suppose I should clarify tablets. There is different tailored software for phones vs tablets, so that shouldn’t be the issue.

if it wouldnt be an issue then it would‘nt take years to take this up. My bet is it won‘t happen.

It’s an issue on every platform - it’s not platform-specific.

So many great liner notes too small to read on an iPad. When can we zoom in more? Isn’t this one of the big features for Roon?

Lots of existing requests for this and similar things, please vote for the one that fits best

Looks like ancient history and not getting done

The iPad has a system-wide zoom in the Accessibility options. Maybe this helps even in the absence of app-specific zoom in Roon?