Album art covers


The ability to display album cover art in large format is one of the obvious advantages of Roon.

To push the “album” experience further, would it be possible to consider an evolution which would permit (by a click) to flip over the album cover to display its backside?
Also, are there any plans to add a new display similar to Apple’s former cover flow ? It was beautiful but also felt like flipping through albums.
Thans for everything.


That would require the metadata services do provide the respective imagery. Musicbrainz / the coverart archive have backside pictures sometimes. Allmusic doesn’t, I believe. I don’t know how streaming services do it but I suppose usually it’s just the front cover there, too.

If you have the cover art stored locally you can already browse through it with single clicks.

Roon already allows you to browse through scans of the artwork or through a PDF booklet. I have requested various improvements to the album art functionality in various threads. In relation to the OP, one of my requests was to have the images tagged (as front, back, CD/media, booklet, etc) so that you can quickly see the image you want, rather than having to scroll through all of the images.


Thank you for that (sorry, I did not follow-up on this old post).

I go get my own album art which I include in iTunes or directly in Roon - but I can only (as far as I know) include one picture. Can I add more in which case I could add the back side cover of an album and then (in view mode) cycle between front and back ?

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Yes , i assume you have a folder named say “Abbey Road” contains the album tracks and a JPEG called folder or the like.

Simply add to the folder , you can use JPEG, PNG PDF

A sub folder say Artwork will work as well

They should automatically show as files in the main album screen , if not do a Force Rescan

Thanks Mike,

I do not have any folder. Album art is added in the meta data through Apple Music, or through Roon’s edit function.

In any event, I do not see a function in Roon which allows you to choose and then cycle through covers.

Any help would be really helpful.

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How do you store your albums

I would say the norm is to have a folder name appropriately with the 8-12(???) tracks within that folder

If that is the case you can add as many image files within that folder . Roon will display them from the album view or a rotation in the Playing Now screen

Am I missing something ?

mmmhh … we must be doing things very differently. The majority of my music is in Apple Music. So when I update the metadata of an aiff, I simply select the song, use apple “i” to open the metadata, go to the artwork tab and add the cover art.

I also have some old ripped LP’s which sit in a separate folder (i.e. outside of the Apple Music folder). For those I use the Roon interface, i.e. I open the edit function, go to Album Art, and select and import the selected cover art.

Whether it be in Apple Music, or Roon, I can only select one image for the cover art. I never put album art directly into the folder where the music file is located.

So it is probably me who is missing something.

Thank you for taking the time.


For local albums my structure is quite rigid

Top folder

Music library. >Rock. >A…Z > Beatles >Abbey Road >Tracks

Music library >Classical > A…Z > Composer >Genre !Album folder> Tracks

So in each case you end up with an album folder with tracks and Artwork, effectively unlimited Jpeg etc,

Roon reads from these folders

Seems OTT but was originally used via a USB drive so the structure was navigation too

Hope this helps

Dear Mike,

I apologize for if my questions are very basic but you evidently have much more technical savvy than me.

Are you saying that if I go into the Apple Music folder, open the folder of an album and then add some additional cover art that Roon will see all the picture files in that folder, and - when back in Roon - (automatically) permit me to cycle through the different pictures in Roon?

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Yes. That’s exactly it.

Wow! it works. It’s cumbersome to go through each individual folder but it works!

Thank you all!


@alexander_brabant I think the issue is because of Apple choosing to not include separate files for the art. Many other music sources already include separate files for the art.
You can also use programs like mp3tag to scan your library and search the internet for art and add those art files to each folder. Run it once and your whole library will have art.
Fwiw, this is one reason why I left iTunes years ago.