Album art for album folder

I am copying some albums to Roon folder. What should be file name for album art? It seems it is picking up any jpg as alburm art. Also, what happens if I have to keep two jpg files or if folder contains any file not jpg or flac. I wanted to make sure I am doing good job while doing it. Appreciate it.

It seems name of file should be folder. I can rename jpg. I guess I have to delete and clean up library and put new album folder containing renamed jpg to folder.

I believe there are number of filenames that will be recognised ‘cover.jpg’ being one of them.

However, you can always specify which image file you want to use for an album. See:


Thanks. I renamed to cover to be consistent. It seems having any jpg file is picked up as album art.

Some of them don’t have any jpg, but still shows album art picture. It is confusing how it is getting without me selecting to edit. Not sure flac file itself has image. But glad it is showing.

When no album art is available, Roon is able to use its metadata service links to fetch album art - in much the same way as most CD ripping software will retrieve an image from a music database when you rip a CD.

Interesting. These are Indian Telugu songs. Does Roon use anything embedded in the audio flac file itself to fetch cover art. How does it matches?

When I tried Albums containing mp3s Roon is not successful manytimes for the media as it is international and not sure how sophisticated for Indian local language. But there is better luck with flac files

Curious to understand. Appreciate it

My understanding is that the album art could be embedded in the Flac files. However, I don’t believe this is usually done because that would increase the file size of every single track on an album. It is more likely that the cover art is being retrieved from a music metadata provider on the internet when Roon first see’s the album and identifies it.

As to the obscure nature of the songs, if they come from published albums then the information on the albums, including the cover art, may still be available. It is sometimes surprising what is available out thare!

If the flac files come from CD’s that you have ripped yourself, and they have embedded metadata such as artist, composer etc, (or even track names/filenames if you did not enter/set them yourself) then that metadata itself likely came from an internet based metadata provider and was fetched from that provider at the time the CD was ripped because plain RedBook CD does not contain any metadata although I believe there are some extensions to the CD format that can provide it - but, in my experience, these are not often used.

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My best practice has always been to have a Folder.jpg and identical embedded artwork in each track. Belt-and-suspenders? Absolutely. But it is the only solution that guarantees album art display across all forms of software, and if the average 1500x1500 album artwork is 1.25MB or so, then usually only adds 12.5MB for each average album, which I find worth it.

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There are more options than just the cover:

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