Album art from local files in preference to Roon sometimes

I prefer to use Roon art where available, however if it does not exist I would like to have art automagically populated in following order of preference

Roon > Embedded Art in tags > Art in folder > Art in sub-folder

(Each album being filed under a separate sub-folder of the artist)

is this possible?

Right now, the options you have for album art are :

  • Best
  • Art from Roon
  • Art from your files

The “best” option means each album will use the highest resolution available cover art available, which could be from Roon’s metadata, from your file tags, or from art that’s stored next to the media files (assuming it’s called front, cover, folder, etc).

There isn’t a way to set preference in the more granular way you’re describing, but feel free to open a feature request and we’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks!

Reviving an oldie

but this doesn’t work well if you want to use the highest quality album artwork for an album art when you also have Scans of a cd front cover stored in your file structure. You can rename it but then proper standardized naming schemes for album scans aren’t retained.

My goal is to use the cover art I have stored alongside my tracks in the albums folder but sometimes it uses Roon since it might be a higher res than what’s stored. Then if I say prefer file the priority is to embedded it seems.

This topic is discussed here

And here

But it didn’t seem like there was a very good solution. I think a viable solution would be to have an “exclude looking for album art in _____ folders” or “exclude _____ file name when searching for album artwork”. As well as include a dropdown under prefer file and prefer best that is a dragable way to arrange the priority