Album art image not recognised in some files

Hi All,

I’ve been using Roon for a couple of weeks now, mostly impressed but I do have a niggling problem which I can work around, but I’d like to know why it’s happening.

My Roon core is on a Windows 10 i7 PC with a 6Tb hard disk for the music, no streaming services linked. The music is various formats (flac, dsf, mp3, ogg) and all have the album art embedded in the file. I have Roon metadata set to prefer file. Almost everything works OK but occasionally I get an ogg vorbis file that has no picture and Roon says there is no image when there definitely is. This only seems to happen with ogg vorbis files and I can get around it by placing the album image in the same folder as the files.

After import I’ve tried restarting Roon server but no joy, only until I place the jpg file in the folder do I get a picture.

As I said, it doesn’t happen with every album, just the odd one.

Any thoughts?

Adding a automatic metadata filler program might help.

SongKong floats price discounts on this forum site.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I use mp3tag and have done for many years. I’ve never had a problem with it. My other music player software (JRiver) sees the art with no problem.

As I said, it’s is only the odd ogg vorbis file that doesn’t display the art, which is strange because the art is from the same file that is embedded in the corresponding flac file (I always have the two versions) and that always seems to work correctly.

It may be not the artwork itself but the way artwork is embedded into the file. When OggVorbis was originally released there wasn’t a standard way to add artwork and it was bit of a hack, but then they borrowed the flac way if doing it.

I wonder if some of your files use the old way of doing it and they are the problem files.

If you open the files in another app can it see the artwork?

If you remove the artwork from mp3tag and then re-add it to the file in mp3tag can roon then see it?

I have also experienced files that appear in Roon with the artwork missing( whilst the artwork is present in the metadata). By way of background, I rip my CD’s with Apple Music and then update/correct metadata as needed; this includes adding good quality album covers.

When Roon doesn’t recognize the artwork, I go through the Roon edit function and just add (import) the (same) artwork there. The glitch is occasional so it’s not a big deal, although it would be nice to have this corrected.

Hi Paul,

I’ve only been using Roon for a couple of weeks, prior to that I’ve been using JRiver Media Center for a good few years (since about v14) and never came across this problem.

The only way I can get the offending files to display the artwork is to open the album editor (in Roon) and drag an image in, then save. I guess Roon might be making a copy in its database?

It’s not a massive problem, it only happens with ogg vorbis and only to the odd one or two.

That’s what I’m doing to get round it, as you say, not a big deal, just annoying.

If you run across this problem again at some point in the future, can you check if there are any visible differences to the covers that work?

I’d for example have a look at the cover type and the cover description and make sure they match the files that are working fine with Roon.

Hi Florian,

Perhaps I didn’t explain too well, but I always have 2 versions of a track. A flac version for my main hifi and an ogg vorbis version for my mobile devices. The image embedded in both files is the same. The flac file always displays correctly, the ogg vorbis file occasionally doesn’t.

Paul Taylor (see comment above) could be on the right track with the way it is being written into the file.

What I normally do after buying a new CD or vinyl record, is rip the album and then convert to flac. I then populate the flac files with the metadata (including the album art) using mp3Tag. Then I convert the flac file to ogg vorbis format using dbPoweramp. I have found if I delete the art from the ogg vorbis file after conversion and add it in again with mp3Tag, it seems to work OK so maybe it is is the way dbPoweramp is transferring the metadata during conversion.

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Ah, yes it most probably is this.