Album art only on cast display

I think it looks great and am happy to have it at all. A good idea for a future option but no big issue for me.

Yes, please provide an option to switch off artist art. Most of it is pretty bad. Cut off heads, poor resolution, etc. It’s annoying on a private remote but on a public TV it is embarrassing.

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Just curious how you’re using it publicly.

If you’re using the browser display option you can fiddle around with the page elements to tweak the display to do what you’re asking. After editing you can save the configuration then import it each time you reload the webpage.

The quickest way I found to remove the artist images in Firefox is:

Right-click anywhere in the page and select inspect element
Under the Inspector tab expand <body style=“background-color: black; cursor: auto;”
Then expand <div id=“uiParent”
Expand <div id=“background-artistart”
Then click the next line <div style="background-image: url
Now in the middle pane look for width and uncheck it

Or an even faster way in the Search HTML box enter background-image: url and hit enter three times and it should take you to where you can uncheck the width box.

It will keep these settings until you reload the page.

I just gave it a try myself and came up with a few nice tweaks such as removing the artist images, making the album art bigger and moving it to the right, bigger font, putting the lyrics to the left, and made the waveform the length of the screen. Just trying to figure out how to make the font and waveform white so when the bottom gradient is removed you can see them.


By “publicly” I mean on a TV screen in the living room shared with other family members, visitors.


What’s interesting is that I’m getting Tidal albums to cast lyrics too. I thought it was only albums that were in one’s library.

I can kinda see the future of the feature. Big LP style album artwork & liner notes!

Had some more fun tinkering with the page elements and figured out how to make the font white, still haven’t figured out how to make the waveform white yet, but at least the progress bar is easier to see on a dark background.

Decided to try the album art on the left instead and think it looks better:

Looks good.

I’d like to request this feature as well, rather annoying the low res images and sometimes cropped oddly or strangely/closely zoomed in on an artist’s face, not exactly what you wanna stare at on a 60 inch TV

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I would love this as well - has it been added by any chance? I can’t see a way to do this in Roon.

It might not seem like a big deal but it really takes me out of the music staring at a mediocre picture of the artist when I’m simply just trying to enjoy the music and look at the album art.

Am I missing something here, is there supposed to be artist fanart slideshow as the OP mentions? I only get lyrics no images?

It would be great to have a true Artist Slideshow feature that takes users API public key for something like You get some super high res images there, I’ve used a similar addon on Kodi and it looks excellent on a display for what otherwise in my living room would be a ROCK output :smiley:

Hi guys,

So after reading that all I assume it isn’t possible to change the content of chromecast displays, correct? Only webdisplays can be fiddled with?

I was hoping there is a way to change the chromecast display…

I’m sure I have had lyrics up before

I reaaalllly wish cast displays could be customizable. Nothing fancy, just the options we get from the now playing view in the app. I would personally like to see just the album art on an otherwise black or white screen. If I want to see lyrics on a big screen, I go to a karaoke bar.

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You can turn lyrics off in the display settings cog wheel and just have artwork.

Thanks, I knew that, sorry for being unclear. I was hope to get additional customization options.

Or at least some style sheets/ designs to choose from: New feature request

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Just include a feed from the internet to provide wonderful pictures in a slide show on your iPad screen or Chromecast to a monitor.

For instance if I played something by the Beatles and I select this option in ROON then ROON will look up the Beatles on the internet select images which appear for free in public domain (so no charge for this) and present them as a slide show as you’re listening to the music of the Beatles.

I’m sure all internet fans have used this feature when searching for almost any info on the internet. Read the info and select images of the same topic. Again public domain.

Musicians, bands, etc are the same way.
It should be relatively simple to implement.

Just as the Around the Web feature that is sometimes displayed in ROON will usually take you to a Wickepedia article that’s FREE to read in the public domain and features much more info on artists, composers, bands, compositions, albums then the meager information that ROON provides.

And why oh why is the Around the Web feature not included in every artist or album screen as an option? It should be a feature that’s always included.

This should be easy to implement. This feature appears on the ROON display sometimes.

Right now it moves One out of the ROON program to the Wickepedia article with no back button to go back to ROON. So you have to exit from Wickepedia then return to ROON and wait for ROON to queue back up as it still disconnects from the iPad and has to reconnect to ROON and a WiFi refresh symbol. Which I despise.