Album Artist? where's the search command?

Hi - am i missing something simple…

I can search albums, single tracks and artists, but i can not find a setting to search for ‘Album Artist’

Any advice would be appreciated!

All matching artists are included in search results. Tap on the artist to take you into their albums and/or albums they’ve participated in.

Yes that I can find, but when I click artist it shows every artist ever involved in every compilation which I find annoying… is there an album artist button anywhere?

If you are already browsing an Album then all the blue Artist entries are clickable:

If you want to search for an Artist, click the magnifying glass icon at top right. The User Guide can help with the learning curve.

Get that too, but is there an Album Artist search option ?

No. The entry for an Artist has sections reflecting the extent of their involvement with Albums. Where an Artist has a credit for an Album but is not the Primary Artist then the Album will be included in the entry for that Artist under “Appearances”. I suspect that is what may happen if an Album Artist file tag is not identical to an Artist file tag, but haven’t tested.

ok so let’s say I have a compilation album with 10 different artist who remixed say an aphex twin album then aphex puts the album out under his own label and calls its remixed. I have a meta tag which has ‘Album Artist’ called Aphex Twin. I don’t want to see all the tracks as separate artists?

Can the pull down top right be manipulated to shown Album Artist?

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It seems likely that Roon has not been set to prefer your file tag for Album Artist. You can change that on an album by album basis as described here. This KB article has more information about editing.

You can also now alter your import settings to globally prefer your file tags.

This KB article has more advanced information about treatment of file tags in Roon.

In the situation you describe for Aphex Twin, I’ve struck the same issue with Tribute or Remix albums. I like the Artist attribution by Track and also Album Artist as “Various Artists”. But I would like to see such albums somewhere on the relevant Artist page and not have to delve into Composer. My solution is to add a Featured Artist credit for the subject Artist:

This results in the tribute or remix album being included under “Appearances” in the Artist entry.