Album Artwork on Internet Radio?


Just starting my trial. On my Squeezebox and LMS setup I can get album artwork of the track the radio station is playing. At least I can with Jazz24. I was finally able to enable this station on Roon but it just displays a shade of gray. Am I doing something wrong or is it just the way it is with Roon?

(Chris ) #2

Just the way it is, you can add your own station image though. I think this area is being worked on but have no actual information.


Thanks. I’ve been looking into Roon for a while now and heard that the Internet Radio needed work but I’m really disappointed in how primitive it is. And not only the lack of album artwork. Strike One.

(Chris ) #4

Roon is newish platform and is evolving, as you may know. They have done a lot of work already and I expect improvements to continue.