Album availability Qobuz vs Roon

This album is released today, and is available on Qobuz.

I have tried the trick mentioned in this thread Album tracks available on Qobuz, but not in Roon! - #9 by fietser by adding and then removing the album in Roon, but Roon still reports that the tracks aren’t available from Qobuz.

The tracks are not displayed as “not available”, it’s only displayed when actually trying to play them.

The album is added in Qobuz today march 10 2023. Sometimes it takes a few days before it’s added to Roon. Plays fine here so it could also be a rights issue.

Qobuz has it listed in the UK but it isn’t synching with Roon in the UK yet, as previously mentioned it will arrive in a day or two…

The listing happened before the release, and Qobuz/Roon both listed it correctly with tracks marked as ‘not available’ (Qobuz provides 30 sec samples)

Now that it’s released, Roon no longer shows it as unavailable but cannot play it back either, thus my take is an authorization difference between Q and R, I think Roon need to figure this out with Q long term.

All working fine here now. What happened, in my case, Qobuz didn’t remember my like for the album (probably due to release date/listing inconsistencies).
I liked the album in Qobuz again then forced a resync in Roon and the album appeared, listening now.


Doesn’t work for me, the album is gone now

Ok, some progress here. The linked album from the artist profile is still old and is unplayable, but the album from the search result is good.

Playing the album from Qobuz via Roon at this. Very moment

Album is here. What if you clear the cache?

It wa finally synced correctly last night.

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I encounter this lag from time to time and it’s annoying. Today I can’t find the U2 4-disc “Songs of Surrender” via Roon, but it’s playing via the Qobuz app.