Album Cap for Roon Trials?

First of all, I’m not a fan of crippled trial apps. However, in this case, I wonder if Roon should cap the Albums or tracks at, say, 100. (Don’t get too hung up on this number; just keep it smallish.)

Give them enough albums to have a realistic experience, but not so open-ended as to allow anyone to think they can just crank it up on their 4000-album collection and have zero problems and instant gratification.

It seems like a number of people are (smartly) cobbling together a core and a remote that won’t be their final or even intermediate setup. At least limit the content amount so they won’t have a poor performance outing.

“Isn’t that misleading?” some will say. Well, perhaps, but maybe in a constructive way.

But I’m ambivalent about this idea. Just running it up the flag pole.


I assume you are also implying and unlimited trial in this use case. I fear that if this is the case then someone hacking the code to break the cap barrier is perhaps easier than hacking the licensing engine.

Personally I think the min trial period should be longer than 14 days but probably not much past 1 month imho.

I think 14 days is long enough to decide if you want to commit to another 12 months. Perhaps a good trick is to time the trial over a long weekend or holidays?

I had not contemplated a hack, wizard. You have a point.

I’d prefer it if they had to pass a multiple choice exam and get a roon license. :grin:


Networking 101?

Something like that.

I have a large digital music collection (well over 10,000 albums) and during my two week Roon trial I especially wanted to find out how well Roon would handle a large music collection. The fact that Roon gives one a full functioning version of the program to try is a big selling point.


Given one of Roon’s main value propositions is the discovery of connections within one’s music library, I wonder if any album limit would limit the overall experience to be un-Roon-like.

Good points all. @Jazzfan_NJ used the time to do a full-scale test drive, so I suppose that’s reason enough not to cap it.

Just a thought. Turns out, not a real good one. :slight_smile:

Don’t be so hard on yourself. By the way, Roon handles very large music libraries with ease. I have a few other issues with Roon but nothing that has anything to do with its ability to deal with a large music library.