Album Catalog No, Label, Barcode

As I am converting my CD to FLAC I have come across another “issue”. I think I’d like to keep track of some CD specific information, such as:

  • Catalog No, examples: 415 379-2
  • CD Label, examples: Philips, EMI, Deutsche Grammophon
  • Barcode numer

First of all, I have no idea as to what the appropriate ID3 tags would be, nor do I know if they would be of any actual use, as in recognized by Roon. If they can be recognized, which tag would they correspond to?

Try these:


You could have a look at Songkong, it syncs with MusicBrainz and populates lots of additional metadata data

@paultaylor is very helpful

Hi, Flac doesn’t actually use ID3 it uses VorbisComment, see here for a list of Flac metadata fields recognized by Roon, and here for ID3 fields (as used by Wav/Aif and Mp3)

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Realize I had missed Apple Mp4/M4a - now added here