Album Count difference between Qobuz and Roon Devices

Since the actual Software release Roon Core 2.0 (build 1353) and iOS 2.0 (build 1352) there is a big difference on the album count:

  • Qobuz favorites: 4,281 (Qobuz App)
  • Roon on PC: 4,265
  • Roon on iPad: 4,262
  • Roon on iPhone: 4,265

What is the reason and how to solve it. I am waiting since 3 days this will be correctly synchronized, takes sometimes some hours to be so.

Till the last version this was always my check if there are albums lost due to rights Qobuz lost and update my Qobuz favorites.


The Roon library statistics that the remotes display all come from the Roon server, thus I suspect the Roon Remote on iPad is setup to hide duplicates and the others not.

Also Roon counts multi-disk albums as just 1 album, which may account from the discrepancy with Qobuz.

Can you check / post the track counts rather than albums counts … let’s see how they stack-up.

I got further deep into the issue.

You are right the difference between the endpoints was the different settings. Solved
Remark: this difference was not before the update so looks like a bug was fixed

Yesterday evening I finally matched that Qobuz and Roon are showing the same amount of albums.
This morning we are back with a difference. In the meantime I proved that these are albums that are actually not available.

Sometimes I can catch them with a combined filter (not 16bit, not 24bit), but this does not work correctly as most of the time these albums are showed as regularly available in Roon, just when you want to play them you get a message that these file is actually not available on Qobuz.

Any idea how to filter those albums or files, as it is horrible work to keep the library up-to-date due to that. Can not check all albums once a week if I loose something.

Appreciate any idea or even work-around.

I’m not aware of such a fix and there’s been no reports of this issue… but pleased aligning the settings resolved this for you.

One thing to note is the Roon overview page always displays the actual number of albums where as the number on album page is affected by the show duplicates setting.

Unfortunately no, iirc there is a topic for this in Feature Suggestions

Unfortunately no, iirc there is a topic for this in Feature Suggestions

You are right, voted already some time ago as this is really an important feature

Clean Up Library should list the “deleted” files it proposes to remove - Feedback / Feature Suggestions - Roon Labs Community

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