Album covers ain't nothing like the real thing, baby

Just a thought about the visual aspects of experiencing music. As I’ve been getting started with it, I wanted to like how Roon displayed album information. I really thought it was going to be just as in-depth as looking at an album cover and inner sleeve, with all the liner notes and pertinent info about every musician on each track, and album images of the band, etc. In reality, there is not a lot on the Roon display of vintage albums that can’t be found on Qobuz or Tidal. Don’t get me wrong, I love the metadata and linking of information. I just wanted more of an LP cover experience. I finally realized that there is no substitute for it. I originally gave up my record player and albums because I found ways of listening to digital music and came very close to the same audio quality–and I didn’t have the upkeep and extra work of managing actual records. But now I’ve decided to go “hybrid” and purchase albums again so I can peruse the covers and sleeves while listening to streaming music. If you are listening to News of the World by Queen, do you want just the one super hi-res image of the front cover, or the whole fold-out with the lyrics and short bio on the inner sleeve? Not even a question. I’m going back to the record stores this week to start restocking my favorite vintage albums so I can have the perfect experience of high resolution digital audio along with the original large cover in my hands. Is anyone else doing this?

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Yes, I thought the same thing, 6+ years ago. Roon can only display what is available from the metadata providers, just like Tidal/Qobuz.

I’m with you on that. After 50+ years since the last one, I bought a new TT (record player) last year. I don’t have any of my old LPs, but that’s Ok. My tastes now are not the same as my 19 year old self.

There are a lot cheaper places online to re-stock than a record store, but it’s looking at digital display of LPs rather than holding the real deal… Which I guess is at the crux of your complaint.

My stomping grounds are DustyGroove and AcousticSounds, to name two.

Also, visit this section of the forum.

Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking about testing the waters in that forum, although I don’t want to be the only odd participant who never listens to actual vinyl. Things can get pretty us vs. them around here.

In general true, but not there. IMO, vinyl people are more accepting. :laughing:

There really is no " us vs them" on this forum, just some gentle light hearted ribbing now and again…all in the best possible taste of course :sunglasses: