Album descriptions, or "reviews" --- Why, may I ask?

What I mean is, why is it assumed it’s helpful? Who are we marketing to, exactly?

“Known” albums show a description or review. Truth be told I feel better when Roon doesn’t know about my local CD or LPs. This is what’s known as a red flag.

I can understand for streamed titles or other stuff you might not be familiar with, but if you’ve ripped a CD or LP you don’t actually need the description, let alone any review to appear, right?

Oh – but it would still be nice to see it there, and so …Incorrect, because it’s ripe for errors.

Say an LP came about in '56 but the album description is talking about some VHS or CD re-issue or whatever. Nothing could be more hollow. Judy Garland’s “Judy” LP … would be a random example here.

Could we please aim for errors of omission, rather than of submission? This might also keep Roon’s costs down, amirite?

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Not sure I understand the harm here.

I like the reviews because as you point out, if I don’t know an album I would like to get a feel for what its like.

For albums in my library, that I own, I still occasionally read them because they can sometimes speak to historic context that I am unaware of (anything pre 90s for me).

If you don’t like the reviews, don’t read them. Its not like they are cluttering the UI or unavoidable.


Nope, the reviews and the hyperlinks in them to the contributing artists and producers is one of the, if not the, main reason I wanted roon even back when it was sooloos.


Agreed. Don’t like them? Then don’t read them, no one is forcing you.


Love the reviews and descriptions especially on stiff I ripped. I sometimes find out stuff I didn’t know. More info can never hurt, and there is always the option to ignore.


I also usually enjoy having the reviews, though, sometimes, they do seem a bit arbitrary. Perhaps an option to hide them would be useful for those users who prefer a more basic display?

I read the reviews and they aren’t a problem for me, not even the florid ones.
Thom Jurek’s purple prose style is the greatest offense in that regard.

What bugs me is the self-serving bios of lesser known artists that I suspect are written by fellow travelers.

All of the above is fine when the info is relevant … which was my point in bringing this up. I even provided an example, where the text describes a VHS special or a 4-CD box set, which I’m guessing doesn’t describe the 11 songs on the 1956 LP of the same name.

How sure are you that the other purchased metadata is accurate or “helpful?”

“Just don’t read it” appears to be sound advice, indeed.

This for me as well, “Roon surfing” links and listening along is Roon’s best feature for me. Reviews of stuff I own are a regular jumping off point.


hmmmm… plenty of software works the way you describe. I use Roon for exactly the thing you’d like turned off. :-1:


Also, metadata is difficult. Roon knows this which is why there is a metadata subsection in Support you can submit issues as you find them. Sometimes they get fixed.


Not sure if the reviews all come from or not, but head there, register a user and file a complaint for this specific review (if you also see it there).

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It kind of seems like you’re cherry picking here. Are there poor quality reviews and suspect metadata in Roon? Of course, but the vast majority is useful and entertaining. It’s why most of us got Roon in the first place. When I run across problems you describe I either ignore it or I go to the source (Allmusic and Musicbrainz) and attempt to get it corrected. I will also occasionally reach out to Roon via this forum to get problems corrected. The quality of metadata is really quite good when you consider the myriad sources this information comes from and the formats that the aggregators (Allmusic, Musicbrainz, and Roon) have to deal with.


Same reason there’s a forum for discussion. Some discussions are relevant and others… not so much. Some reviews are relevant and interesting and others… not so much. You do have to read them to know the difference, however… and they do have to be presented in order for us to read them.

I guess a lot of people (just like me) choose Roon because of all the useful and interesting information (and yeah, it might not be always correct, but the majority is).
Roon will know about your collection anyway … as otherwise additional information like credits could not be updated neither (and no, adding all of them manually is definitively not an option for most people).
I can just repeat … if you don’t like album descriptions/reviews … just don’t read them (although I can still not understand why reviews should be helpful for streamed content, but not for ripped CDs or LPs)

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Have you tried to manually re-identify the Judy Garland album you brought up as an example? I just did a manual search for ‘Judy’ from ‘Judy Garland’ via the identify album dialog and could find the 11 track album from the fifties.

I guess we all agree that there is no 100% correct data anywhere in the world, the good thing with Roon is that you can usually manually overwrite almost everything if you find something’s not matching/inappropriate

I did, thanks. The year is wrong, all 3 are either digital downloads or CD releases, and there’s no mention of whatever the description or “review” would be. Interesting idea however.

That’s really strange … when I search manually, I get these results … the highlighted one is a vinyl release from Capitol …