Album Focus identifies no mono albums

Can’t figure out why I’m seeing all my music, but all are identified as Stereo. Yet I’ve many pop, jazz, classical mono albums. Am I missing something in setup. All the music was ripped and converted to AIF files.

Where does Roon identify mono albums?

Regardless, if ripped from CD, stereo or mono, an album still is two channel. Red Book audio has no single channel mode.

To be a true mono album – that Roon might be able to identify as such – it would need to contain only single channel files.


I have seen references to this in other posts. It would appear under Focus…Format.

Intriguing. I had a look in Focus … Format and found a small number of albums identified as Mono. Most - but not all - are downloads of radio broadcasts or podcasts but a couple are albums - including one which has just one track labelled as mono. There’s no ‘mono’ flag in album editor - so Roon must be doing something when it imports the data.

Lots of albums which should be mono (Beatles in Mono, Mono mixes which are part of extended versions of some 60s albums) are not listed.

You can do Mono as I have rips from DAB radio via an SD card. Mostly Radio plays and comedy.

For me Roon only identifies as mono true mono one channel. Many mono albums have 2 identical mono channels, so Roon apparently sees them as 2 channel.

With true mono Roon does this

Would be nice if the folks at Roon address this somewhere in the Knowledge Base, say in an article. Seems confusing, at best.

How is this confusing? Roon identifies the physical channel count: one, two, five, etc. One channel = mono. Anything else, Roon does not tag as mono.


Thanks for the feedback here @stevebythebay,

I’ll bring this up with the team am we’ll look into noting this in our Knowledge Base .


Thanks and send along my wishes for a merry xmas and happy new year everyone on the team!