Album Identification: Poor Hit Rate

@support, I wonder if I’m running into an issue with identification. I’ve seen the rate of identification progressively decline over time as I’ve used Roon.

I just reviewed the last 264 releases I’ve added to my library. Roon only identified 93 of them. That’s a 35% match rate, which seems unacceptably low.

I ran every release through the foobar2000 Discogs Tagger add-on, so I’m confident they were all tagged correctly (with the exception of two releases that weren’t listed on discogs).

is there a way we can troubleshoot this issue further?

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Hey @Scott_Johnson1 – I saw your previous post and the one above, so I split this out so we can look a little closer at this.

First off, your collection sounds a lot like mine :wink:

As I’m sure you know, the common thread for a lot of these genres is that they largely originate with vinyl releases. The sources we currently use in Roon (AllMusic/Tivo, and MusicBrainz) have pretty great coverage for lots genres, and the data tends to be deep (meaning it has credits, composition info, release information, etc), even if it’s not always as broad as I would like.

These sources also tend to favor CD releases, particularly those from the US. It’s hard to be sure without specifics, but I would guess these are all contributing factors for the poor hit rate you’re describing here.

As you mentioned these kinds of releases often get better coverage in Discogs, and we are hoping to add Discogs data to our metadata infrastructure in the future. It’s a slower process than we would like, but it is something we are actively working towards. I suspect you’ll see a lot more “hits” once that data is part of Roon.

For now, I’d be happy to look into this a bit more for you. Information about releases you would expect to hit but which did not are interesting – if those albums exist in MusicBrainz or AllMusic, even more so. The nice thing about Roon’s metadata is that it’s always improving in the background as new data is added, bugs are resolved, and your library updates.

I too would like us to do better with collections like yours (and mine) so thanks in advance for the feedback.


Hi @mike, sorry about the long delay in responding. I’ve been looking at this issue carefully over the past few months, and what I’ve found is consistent with what you noted: non-CD releases aren’t covered well by Roon’s current sources. I’ve found this to be true both for vinyl-only releases and for releases that are available for download but not on CD. I’ve noticed that labels I would consider to be major players on the reissue scene (Athens of the North, BBE, Strut, etc) don’t show up on MusicBrainz regularly and definitely aren’t covered consistently by Allmusic.

CDs are dying rapidly for the genres we like, so I’m hoping the Discogs integration comes soon!

I did find a few albums that were available on MusicBrainz but didn’t get identified: (I was really surprised this one didn’t match!)

I hope that helps!