Album in Tag - Sort by Date Added

I would like the list of discs present in a Tag to be selectable according to the date of the last entries, thanks

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If I understand you correctly, you can do this. Select the tag, select “View All Albums” from the drop-down menu at right, then sort by date added from the secondary drop-down menu. Does that accomplish what you’re trying to do?

The key is the View All step , to select View All Albums, without that you don’t get the sort options

Question is: Date added to Roon or to the tag? The later is currently not possible in any way AFAIK.

For the first one: It’s often easiest and the route with the least clicks, to start with the browser that contains the results one is interested in. For albums use the album browser, then choose the tag and sorting there. Same goes for artists, tracks and compositions – go to the respective browser first and then choose the tag there grafik.

Looking into tags from the tag browser is mostly pointless and should be avoided IMO – unless you know what you’re doing and why you are there of course.

Perfect thanks great solved!

Perfect thanks great solved!