Album metadata in Roon

Pretty sure these questions must have been asked and answered before, but bear with me or please steer me to the answers.

  1. Why doesn’t Roon include or display album numbers? E.g. the Beatles “Rubber Soul” in mono is PMC 1267

  2. Same thing with liner notes, or back the album images, or inside-the-gatefold images. Why can’t they be displayed?

  3. Some of the Roon-supplied liner notes are helpful and interesting, some less so, and some don’t exist. What’s the rationale?

  4. Why do some songs have lyrics and some not?

  5. For songs that do have lyrics, why do some insist on displaying karaoke-style in time to the music, instead of all on one screen? I know I can dig into the three-dot menu and find the full display there, but why is karaoke-style the default?

  6. Why are the credits associated with each number mostly inadequate?

I suspect that some of this may be constrained by licensing, but would like to know in any case.

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Hi @John_Gallup,

Whether or not this data is displayed will depend on a variety of factors, including whether or not our metadata providers have this information. This is something we can’t guarantee will always be available, but we try to prevent this information whenever possible.

If you have this information in your files it can be displayed. You’ll see this icon on the album page which you can click to display the art:


This information comes from our metadata providers and is only visible for identified albums. Not all albums that are identified will have this information, but new information is always being added by our providers.

Similar to the above, this is dependent on the album being identified and whether or not our lyrics provider has the data for a particular track.

If a track has lyrics with a time code, we display the lyrics along with the track by default. Some tracks will not have this time data and so they are not displayed this way.

You can learn more about lyrics in Roon here:

The data we have is dependent on our data providers, but if you find any incorrect data please feel free to let us know!

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