Album metadata not imported from musicbrainz?

I think for the first time album metadata I’ve added to musicbrainz refuses to show up in Roon and I do wonder: why? The musicbrainz release in question:

I’m looking at this. I noticed that you’ve not added a medium. Do you normally?

Thanks for checking. What do you mean by “medium”? The release is set to Digital Media, I think - and album on the Release Group level.

Ignore me - I was confusing a disc with a medium. The MusicBrainz schema is robust, but complex. Still digging - our local copy of the metadata has the album…

It’s a false positive album equivalence. You can find it under “Chris Gall - Piano Solo” and if you identify it manually, when it gets fixed, you’ll pick up any updated metadata.

The question is why and I’ll bet that TiVo/Rovi has put the Room of Silence release under the Piano Solo album (release group) and we are equivalencing with a bar code match and pretty good title and album artist match.

Edit: Yes, that’s exactly what is happening: see

We’ll get TiVo to correct this.

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Thanks a lot for getting to action so quickly! I’ll mark it “solved” once I get the identification. :slight_smile:

Hi @anon47919701. TiVo have updated their metadata; as usual, will take up to a week to be pulled into your library.

Hi @joel - I’m having problems still. :frowning:

Somehow it seems like the two different Chris Gall releases – Piano Solo from 2014 and (Piano Solo:) Room of Silence from 2018 – are not yet completely untangled. What currently happens:

  • No automatic identification occurs.
  • On manual identification I get
    • correct search results with
      • a digital download version (most likely my musicbrainz input) and
      • a “trackless” CD version (most likely the new allmusic entry);
    • when I select the digital download version - which would be correct - I end up with the wrong cover and recording dates (the ones belonging to the first Chris Gall album titled just Piano Solo)

Now I wonder: is my local db confused or is there still something wrongly intertwined in your cloud data?

OK, since I wanted to get rid of the identification issue I moved the “problem album” out of my library, did run a clean-up and then re-added it.

It was recognized now as “Piano Solo: Room of Silence” right away. It just got the wrong cover assigned (from the previous “Piano Solo” album).

It’s not perfect that way but I don’t see a need to follow up on this any further.

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