Album Name in Queue

Wouldn’t it make more sense to display the album name in the Queue rather than “Added by”? I think most of us would agree that the Added by is superfluous anyway. Just my two cents.


Totally agree!

Very pointless information and a bit of a waste of space.

Maybe post it under the feature request section?

Now moved over.

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Good idea.

Thanks 10 chars

Very good suggestion. I miss the album name. Added by is not needed.

Yes. +1 for this suggestion.

Yes, it especially annoying that “added” by is everywhere when like me you only have one user in the house. Would be best to eliminate this completely when then is only one user attached with the Roon account.

In my case completely pointless information repeated pointlessly many times, in fact pointlessly added time after time so that it is completely pointless over and over again…