Album "Play Now"

For some time now I can’t find the “Play Now” in Album view. There is only “Add Next”.
With each track there is a possibility to Play Now but no option to “Play from Here”.
Where are these useful options gone? Or have they changed places?


Nearly everything can be customized now in Settings > Play Actions.

Look around and let us know if you’re not seeing what you want :slight_smile:

Are all your Roon devices running the latest version?

All running v. 1.4 (build 300) stable (64 bit)

I see the following, is this not what you are seeing?

Right. That’s what it was like before one of the last updates.

The “Play Now” button is missing since a few weeks. Unfortunately I am not sure about the date.

Are you able to post a screenshot of what you see, like @Ratbert’s above?

And of Play Actions in Settings, like this:

Interesting. I see the Play Actions button for the first time. This must be a new feature.

Thanks for pointing me to it.

Introduced in version 1.4 on the 18th December…

I see, it’s 2 months old. It’s a nice feature and I find it useful once I know about it.

It may have been that some later update reset the settings in these options, so it took me by surprise somehow.