Album Playlist Pot Luck?

(For those not familiar with the term, a “pot luck” is a party where each guest brings a food dish and we all share).

Wondering if anyone is interested in sharing some of their curation efforts? A good way to get to know each other and share some music.

Here is what I have in mind - something relatively simple that doesn’t take too long to put together: each participant posts a screen cap of a group of albums that have some thematic connection. Explain the connection - could be anything from your tunes from summer 1990 to a genre-like connection. But dig deeper than “rock.” Maybe you already have some tagged albums that fit the bill?

The idea is that we as users can then reassemble that album group in our own Roon and then listen as we choose - straight through, shuffle, etc.


—Between 20-30 albums, enough to shuffle and get a nice variety without taking a whole weekend to assemble;

—Can use Tags, a playlist, however you group. Participants can translate that into how they group.

—Make sure that a good portion are available on Tidal and/or Qobuz so that each participant has a good shot at reassembling most of the group. Not every album need be a streamer, indeed others may have that album locally and if we like the grouping perhaps those that are not available streaming would be good acquisition recommendations.

—Explain the grouping. Give it a title so that all the other participants can label it and find it in our Roon.

—Any genre!

Here is my first “dish,” called Roots Punkers – albums from bands associated with 80s Punk or New Wave that played, or evolved towards, Roots music. So this is sort of a PowerPop-Roots hybrid:


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Maybe a link to a Tidal Playlist would make it easier. Just trying this to see if it works.

231 Tracks of Mellow Guitar Jazz

Click “Listen To Full PLaylist” at the bottom. This should open in Tidal and if you like it save it as a Playlist. Better than trying to look up stuff from a picture. IMHO

I didn’t know you could do that! That’s fine if that’s how people want to play it. I was thinking album groupings with an explanation, but even so, this will provide a very similar experience.

Now, if only Roon would let us assign our own graphic for a playlist or a Tag!

EDIT: thanks Kevin I have been listening. This is great music to work to! Thank you for sharing. Anyone else want to join the fun?

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Thanks, That’s exactly when I listen. Either Working or just sitting in the music room and reading.

Not if you’re a QOBUZ subscriber :wink:

Fair enough. Killdozer, do you care to contribute a dish?

I like the idea and am happy to join in, just needs a little thought…

No pressure, no hurry.

What I thought this might do is allow us to share our curation efforts so that we’re not just doing it by ourselves for our own collections. Assuming that Tidal and Qobuz have at least 75% of any grouping, and it only takes 5 minutes to re-constitute that for each participant locally, we can assemble a massive amount of great curation for almost no individual effort. And understand the tastes of other Roonites.

Good idea James,

and btw good choice of yours - some I knew, some not. It is always interesting to see what other folks like and why!

Down below my 1st choice - Trip Hop - I like the, let’s call it melting pot (another pot) for many different genres. Hip hop, electronica, dub, funk, r&b, house and some experimental stuff.
I am keen what other guys will post!
PS More to come :wink:
Regards Tom

Nice Tom! We have a lot of taste in common, but I don’t know all of these either. Really looking forward to adding this to my Roon and giving a good listen.


Hi James,

good start indeed - lets share more and educate the other guys here :joy: :rofl:

Regards Tom

I really thought I had bought the ONE copy of that Herbaliser album. They’re really good! And that DJ Shadow is such a classic.

try “Blow your headphones” title Mission Improbable - feat. What ?What? aka Jean Grae - mind blowing and funny lyrics

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OK I reassembled here in my Roon. Took less than a half hour:

Between myself, Tidal, and Qobuz I got 30 of 40 albums. Definitely enough for a listen, but was disappointed that neither streamer had many of the DJ-Kicks titles. I had to order the Rockers Hi-Fi from Amazon.

Thanks Tom!

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Here’s another one I put together. Similar them, but without the requirement that the band be “alternative.” Straight up Country Rock LPs. Compiled from a list of “must have country rock LPs” I found on the web combined with a few of my additions.

Admittedly there’s a little overlap from the Roots Punkers one, but not much. Enjoy!

Just to prime the pump, here’s one more. URGH! A Music War… is a very classic New Wave live compilation from IRS records, circa 1981. Here’s a (or at least one) live album from each band, except the few I could not find anything live for, as though the album had a whole concert from each band!

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Good choice, but I am still shuffling your first compilation :wink:
So the ultimate finding is, I need more time to sit and listen!