Album Review for Ruby (Marc Anderson)

Description Of Issue

So, young Francois Couture puts in a review for Marc Anderson’s “Ruby”, a loving tribute to Marc’s grandmother and clearly a work of great importance to him. I’ve been listening to Marc playing with Steve Tibbetts for about 40 years now. He is immensely talented - he has the music in him.

Francois rambles on about this and that, trying to be pleasant, maybe calling more attention to himself than the album in question, and ultimately laying in a couple muted compliments, which, it turns out, are just a set up.

He then goes in to his wrap up, which is, verbatim: “But as pleasant as it is, Ruby doesn’t strike the listener as being powerful or even memorable. A nice listen, but little more.”

What a load of arrogant, insensitive, self indulgent crap. Marc’s is a great effort, and a good, beautiful at times, album. But why take such a meaningless, valueless, mean spirited swipe for all of Roon to see from behind the artifice of a supposedly astute reviewer? Perhaps it made young Francois feel good about himself and the little world he resides in. But for crissakes, delete those last two sentences for the benefit of humankind. You just dedicated a terrific musical effort to your late grandmother, and some putz comes along and proclaims that the “the listener” will find it forgettable? Roon should not support this. Take it down, now, and let the world live in harmony!!

Sincerely, a Roon user on the very edge about “little more…”

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