Album review vetting process?

I’ve noticed that some reviews in Roon of albums that I like are negative. Now, I respect everyone’s opinion and appreciate that tastes in music are very personal - but I don’t really want to be told how rubbish the album is every time I go to listen to it. I did not come here to be insulted sir.

Three questions on this matter -

  1. (I could probably find the answer to this one with some reading but I’m feeling lazy - hey it’s a Sunday morning…) Do the reviews get pulled from Rovi or Allmusic? What’s the difference between the two?

  2. How do the reviews from said site get selected? Are there a number of them and the best one gets chosen? How is impartiality maintained?

  3. Just to check with the devs that the ability to change and add reviews for albums and artists is a planned feature for the future?


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1 and 2 are single review provided by Rovi staff. Vetting is presumably their own internal process. This question has been asked before, there are always going to be reviews that every one of us disagree with.

The answer to 3 is presumably yes, so you’ll be able to write whatever you want or paste in another review.

Grow a thicker skin.

How the hell can you be insulted by someone else’s review of an album that isn’t even yours? The internet has become chock full of professional offence takers, ffs.


I believe @extracampine was merely being sardonic; made me giggle anyway. Unless your taking offence at his remarks is meta … (eyes cross in confusion).

I think it’s fair to say that Mr. Erlewine and I significantly depart in our respective views of a number of recordings. I look forward to the day when I can choose from a variety of different viewpoints. I believe the devs have indicated general support for alternate or user generated reviews, but don’t know if it’s on the list for 1.3.

Also looking forward to being able to bore you all with my pet theory about why Linden Arden Stole The Highlights transcends its origins. I’ve got reams of this stuff.

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You’re right. I got bent out of shape about people getting bent out of shape. D’oh :joy:

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Sounds like it might be helpful to have multiple review sources and pick the one that’s rating the albums you own highest since you (presumably) own what you like :slightly_smiling_face:

I prefer the type of information on sites like WikiPedia - the history of how the album came about, how well it was received, etc. Basically all the impartial, factual stuff. I would cut and paste these things into roon if I could. I don’t really have an interest in anyone else’s subjective opinion of whether the album is any good or not.


I understand what the OP is feeling. Some albums I really like listening to have snarky text reviews and 2 stars. Every time I pull the album up it bugs me a little.


Glad to see the interest here.

I’m still not too clear on the difference between Rovi and Allmusic, in terms of their relationships with Roon. Do the reviews come from Rovi or Allmusic, and if the latter, where does Rovi come in?

I think Rovi generates and owns content and AMG license it, much like Roon.

If I understand correctly, Rovi is the metadata supplier, which Roon is a customer.

Allmusic is also a Rovi customer. Allmusic is a convent way for the general public see this data.

Cheers, Greg

I’m brand new here so I hope this topic is still active. I was disappointed to see a review at all. I own all the music I intend to put into Roon. I have already read the reviews. In many cases that’s why I bought the cd. I’m really not interested in someone else’s opinion of the music I’m listening to. Is there anyway to eliminate reviews?


There isn’t. I find reviews useful even if I don’t always agree with them. There’s often info re collaborators etc. that’s hyperlinked and for me integral to Roon’s browsing/ navigation experience. To me Roon would be poorer without reviews, but a toggle to turn them off couldn’t hurt.

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An analogy might be restaurant reviews. I wouldn’t want to read a review of a restaurant while I’m eating there. I’ve already made the decision. I just want to enjoy the meal.


Perhaps the analogy works for you, to me it doesn’t fit. I find many of the reviews (whether I agree with them or not) provide information I may not otherwise be aware of, so whether or not I own the album, having that additional information available enhances the experience.


Don’t read them. It really is that simple.

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I agree with you, it can be annoying. Also looking forward to the day we can add our own reviews. The stars though can be mitigated, I simply rate the album myself which overrides the reviewer’s star rating.

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Just checking in (late I know). But I do not see any response that indicates a way to turn off reviews. It would be helpful to just have the album history and its performers listed without any hint of leaning. I own the albums I own for a reason. I don’t need some twit trying to talk me out of what I love and insulting me and my sensibilities in the process. Especially people who haven’t grown up with the arc of modern music’s life span. All of this material appeared in the time it did for a lot of different reasons including political and social atmospheres.

Anyhow, I just hope they get rid of reviews altogether. Or give me an “off” switch.

Don’t read them, or don’t use Roon. This thread is ridiculous.


I’d never heard of it.

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