Album showing twice [Solved]

For some reason this album has split into two this week . Track number 3 is now listed in a new separate album only containing that single track.

Anyone help me with this . I have tried a couple of options but none worked

select both albums, select Edit (top right on screen) and merge.

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That’s sorted now thank you

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I have this problem with five separate tracks from one album. I don’t know how to select all five. Can someone help me?

Usually multiple selection is to long click on one and then subsequently click on others until you have all your tracks selected then use the top selection button to perform the action needed.

As above . This is how I did it

This happens to me with an album I use to group podcast episodes, every time a new episode is downloaded a new identical album is created even though the metadata is all the same and the files reside in the same directory. I have to merge the albums every week.
It would be nice if roon would recognize that the files are all part of the same album and update the album instead of creating a new one.

This happened to me a few weeks ago for the very first time ever. A couple of older albums (99% of them beeing compilations) appeared as “new” in my collection. Each of the albums only contained a single track. After searching in my collection I found out that there was a second album with the same name (the older version) containing the rest of the tracks.

I checked the files for any inconsistencies in the tags but couldn’t find anything suspicious.

I merged all albums and it’s all good for now.

Anyway, I am wondering what could have caused this behaviour and hope that this doesn’t happen one day with all my albums being duplicated and split.