Album - Sort by genre

I really dislike all that all my jazz, rock, Latin, classical etc. albums are scattered across my album list. If I want to hear hard rock I need to scroll across my entire collection to remind myself of my choices. I know sorting by genre is imprecise, but that is ok. Close is truly good enough for this feature. Even better 1. Sort albums within genres alphabetically and 2. Sort genres by popularity so I don’t need to scroll past genres I listen to infrequently. I also like the album playlist idea identified in an earlier suggestion. In any case, this is how many people organize their physical albums.

Hi - I tend to use focus for this sort of thing, so - Albums->Focus->Genre - choose the genre I want then select to sort either by artist or album title.
It’s very quick to do - much quicker than the time it took me to type this message!


And it can be bookmarked, which also aids reuse.


Ha! Perfect! Thank you!!