Album suddenly not available?

Dear Roon,

Today I was quite surprised because I was playing the ‘Shine a Light’ album by the Rolling Stones and suddenly it stopped. Roon does not shed a light on this matter, but Tidal does: apparently ‘the record company does not allow streaming of this album’ This is also the case for other Stones albums. What happened? As previous the aforementioned album was available. And can someone please give an idea when this matter will be resolved?


If the album is unavailable for streaming from Tidal, then you will have to ask Tidal the cause. Usually, there has been a change in licensing for the music.

I have a few Stones albums on Tidal that stream ok. Some in MQA too. That one does show unavailable to me also. A license issue I suspect and one more reason to keep a hard copy of albums you really like as I expect this will crop up from time to time on all streaming services.