Album Tagging: From The Mountaintop - The New Appalachians

A few weeks ago Chesky Records offered a free prelease download of the hi-res version of a new album by The New Appalachians called From The Mountaintop.

Great recording. I am enjoying it. Thank you Chesky.

It downloaded fine and added seamlessly to my iTunes library. The title appeared in Roon and played fine.

But the track names, etc. do not appear in Roon. (The album credit info is there, including the genre and release date.) Since the release date was October 30, 2015, I thought maybe Roon’s database couldn’t display track info for items not yet released. So I waited til after October 30 to see if the track info appeared.

I have tried everything to get this album’s track names to appear in Roon but am having no success.

Any ideas? Anybody else having this problem?



Hi Tom,

Two suggestions. Firstly, try identifying the album again.

Secondly, until Roon/Tidal catches up with the album, you can prefer the track title metadata from the file to Roon. To do this go to the track listing for the album. Select the first track (right click or tablet long press), select all (ctrl-a or tablet option top left), Edit, Metadata Preference, Title, Prefer File.

Hopefully one of the above things should get you track titles, but if not we can notify a dev and they will investigate further.

Hey @dbtom2 – I can see this album in our database and you are correct – our entry for the album has no track titles. I’ve opened a ticket in our bug tracker, but for now I think @andybob’s workaround here should do:

Thanks for the report!

Ya know,

That’s what made it puzzling. I couldn’t get Roon to use the metadata that I know is in the file.

I tried it for the whole album but not the individual tracks. Once I followed Andy’s advice, booyah!

Lesson learned here re: album vs track metadata. Usually I fix discrepancies in iTunes and enjoy Roon’s metadata without my edits.

Thank you for your quick replies.


This raises a question for me regarding Roon’s handling of metadata. If a file has embedded metadata that is not present in Roon’s own metadata i.e. Roon’s metadata sources yield a blank field whilst the file’s underlying metadata contains entries for that field, should it be necessary to have to explicitly tell Roon to use the underlying metadata?

Ages ago I was involved in development of an audio tagger for Linux. One of the capabilities it has is what we called masstagging whereby you could load as many albums you want to a masstagging queue and then define or apply a previously defined ruleset for the masstagger, effectively specifying which fields to populate from what tag sources (Musicbrainz, Discogs, Freedb, Amazon etc.) and the sequence in which tag sources are to be polled. The ruleset can also stipulate that if a field already has a value derived from a tag source that was polled earlier during the masstagging process, to then retain it rather than overwrite what came before.

I guess I’m advocating for:-

  • default enrichment of Roon’s metadata where its own sources come up empty but the underlying file has data covering a field that Roon uses.
  • an ability to ‘Refresh’ the user DB periodically (on demand, at user’s discretion) whereby Roon checks file supplied metadata it has used against it’s own sources and uses is own where it is now available (ignoring of course instances where a user has configured Roon to prefer the user’s metadata over Roon’s).

If we have no data, we already default back to the tags in your files.

In this case, the bug is that we’ve allowed empty track titles to be populated into our database, so Roon thinks we have data to display here. Once this bug is fixed, our database shouldn’t ever have empty track titles.

It’s possible I’m misunderstanding and maybe you know this already, but to be clear: metadata in Roon is stored in three independent layers: Roon’s metadata; the metadata from your files; and any custom data you enter into Roon by hand.

For a given album, the Roon metadata updates automatically once a week. However, if you’ve opted to prefer tag data or made a custom edit, any new data retrieved for that field in the Roon layer won’t be displayed.


@mike, thanks, that clarifies it. I’ll be diving in shortly.[quote=“mike, post:6, topic:4672”]
n this case, the bug is that we’ve allowed empty track titles to be populated into our database, so Roon thinks we have data to display here

I just put the John Mark Nelson album titled I’m Not Afraid into my Tidal library and it too shows NO track names. The name of the album is correct but no track info. When I tried what Andybob suggested it changed from nothing listed under Tracks to showing tracks as Track 1, Track 2, etc. So still some bugs to figure out with this.

Hi Peter,

Yes, it’s the same for me. Let’s let @mike and @jeremiah know.

Thanks guys – I updated the internal bug report.

I sent them both a message about this. Weird that tracks are a no-show while the artist name and title are ok

Thanks. Go squash some bugs. Ha!

It is weird. The track listing is there in the Tidal iOS app. Thanks for picking it up.