Album titles in Tag Mode

I think I have asked for this before, but it is really annoying that it is not possible to see the entire album title in Tag mode:

Combined with the fact that the sorting of the various albums is non-logic to me (it is not alphabetical at least), it is impossible to find the right album when you have a music box as a tag.

Choose what you are after and use the sorting options given there:

Note: To begin with choosing the appropriate browser first and opening the tag from there might speed-up the process.

Certainly true, but has to be done every time you go into the tag and does not resolve the problem with not seeing the album title. And, with the example above (Mozart 225), if I want to listen to a certain album I first have to work out what number it is in the box and then count in the tag view to find it… Not exactly what I want. An acceptable solution would be to (pop-up) display the full album title when hovering over the album.

If one wants to listen to a specific something (album/track/composition) then one always needs a way to figure out what this something is.

If you want to listen to a specific album and know its name, you can search or filter for it. If you don’t know the name, then asking for the complete album title to be shown is useless.

If you want to listen to disc 13 of “Mozart 225 - The complete edition” then open the multi-disc album and chose disc 13.

If you want to listen to a specific composition but don’t know the disc number it’s on, then use the composition browser instead of the album browser.

As I already pointed out, don’t go to the tag. Go directly to the browser that best suits your current need and then open the tag there:


Anyway, Roon please note my Feature Request. Thanks.

There are several requests for individual album art for large boxes which does much the same thing but the navigation clue is album art rather than text. Personally I prefer art as the navigation clue but text works as well. Both would be nice. That Mozart box is one of my favorites and I often navigate to it having absolutely no clue what I want to listen to other than a bit of “Mozart” so I too would like a 225 CD box broken down into sub-boxes like Chamber, Vocal, Symphony etc. (just like the physical box) so I can jump around until I find something I like depending on mood. There are box set feature requests going back more than 3 years now, so you are likely in for a long wait on your feature request.

But there is a work around for that particular box. Roon will identify each sub-box and give them each separate sub-box album art of Chamber, Vocal, Symphony etc and does an excellent job of formatting the composition hierarchies and tagging the artists. I had to do next to no manual tagging and compiled the box from a mixture of local and streamed (Qobuz) content. You can then collect all these sub-boxes under a common “green” tag to get a much more easy to navigate “virtual” Mozart-225 box.

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Thanks for the tip on Mozart 225; I will certainly divide the box according to the bundles as you did. Should you have similar ideas for the Bach 333 box or the Beethoven 2020 box I would be more than grateful!

In principle, all big box sets can be done this way. How easy it is depends if roon can identify at the sub-box level and the quality of the meta-data it is getting. In this particular case it is very easy.

I am working my way through the 172 CD Hänssler Bach Edition using the same idea but it is a bit more hit and miss so it is turning into a project. One thing I find is that even if roon will not identify the sub-box, or doesn’t do a good job, there is another work-around as long as roon can identify (well) the complete box. Take each sub-box in turn, apply the sub-box art and identify (partially) as the complete box. Roon has no problem with this. The only disadvantage is that the CD’s will not be numbered 1-15 for example, but 85-100 or whatever. Personally I am ok with that as at least I can find my way around. You will have to fiddle with your folder structure to trick roon into not joining up your sub-boxes into a mega-box which is not what you want.

I have the same question related to classical music listening:
Mostly album titles for classical music are rather long starting with same text “Beethoven Symphony No…”, not fitting entirely to the album list screen.
Thus, it is not easily possible to find the album e.g. for “Beethoven Symphony No. 5”.
Is there an option to minimize the font used for album title or to get a detailed table based view showing the complete album title via sizable columns?
Thanks for considering this request.