Album titles scattered in the music library and not grouped together in the original album

I just finished adding a few thousand albums from my personal collection of my NAS to Roon. Everything went well except for one thing. The titles of several albums like Trainspotting, Pulp Fiction, Best of lounge are not grouped into a single file after importation in the music library , The tracks are scattered all over the place according to the artist and do not appear as a single entity the album from which they are taken during the flac extraction. Can we solve this problem. I have this problem with several albums grouping various artists. The titles of the album are like outside the central file Thank you

Just a couple of thoughts / ideas, goto the album and Edit, on the initial Album Editor page, there is an option, Fix Track Grouping, give that a try to see if it fixes anything.

One other item, is from the main Album Editor Page, choose Edit Album, and scroll down near the bottom and set Compilation to Yes.

Your answer is well appreciated but I cannot solve the problem. I have about twenty albums whose tracks are not grouped mainly soundtrack or best of

Ok I managed to group the files thanks