Album track listing shows "All Tracks" only on some multi-disk albums

I noticed that Roon now shows an “All Tracks” column for some multi-track albums but not all…

Why not show “All Tracks” on all multi-disk sets? It does not appear to be related to whether or not the album is identified.

From Roon 1.7 Is Live!:

Album Screen Improvements

This release also includes 2 changes on the album screen.

First, multi-disc sets up to 200 tracks will now get a new All Tracks tab. This view will allow you to view the entire album in a single list, which should ensure better presentation of multi-part works that span multiple discs.

Secondly, we added a new display setting. Going forward track numbers will be hidden on the album page by default, although it is possible to toggle them back on using the new setting

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Thanks. Do you know whether there are plans to increase the 200 track limit? I find this feature very valuable.

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