Album track titles not displayed [Answered, FLAC+CUE]

Hi. - I’m new to Roon but am very impressed so far. Except…many of my albums are not displaying their constituent track titles. Take , for example a 10 track album of 55 minutes length. It is displayed as one 55minute track, invariably called by the title of the second track on the album and plays as one 55 minute piece of music. It I try and reset the tags, it identifies the 10 tracks correctly but after I press"save" it reverts to a single 55 minute piece of music with one track title. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Cheers. Steve

Hi Steve, can you tell us the names of some of the albums you are seeing this with?

Hi - my collection numbers more than 7000 albums and I would say that about half of them are affected - Beatle"s No 1’s and Nazareth “Hard and Heavy” being two examples. cheers steve

Any chance that the albums were ripped as one big .ape file plus a .cue file?

I was going to ask same but for FLAC + CUE, but it amounts to the same.

If this is the case then this post by Danny is pertinent:

And this recent support topic:

Hello - thank you for this. Yes - I ripped my collection to FLAC with cue sheets . I used something called Phile Audio. So , does that mean that Roon isn’t and won’t be suitable for me?
If I was to re-rip my collection , what software should I use?


I don’t think you have to re-rip your collection; there is software which will split your FLAC file into individual tracks.

Edit: I did not specify a software because I have not used them and I hesitate to suggest software I have not personally used. However, googling “split cue files” should bring up some options. I do know that JRiver can do it, you might already have that software.

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Hi @steve_price,

With your current rips SINGLE FILE+CUE Roon is not really suitable and is unlikely to be (as it not so common these days). However, if you like the look of Roon and are prepared to re-rip CDs or split your existing music collection files then Roon does become suitable.

I use dBpoweramp to losslessly rip and compress my CDs to FLAC (ALAC is good too if you prefer), and find it works quite well on Windows, there is also a Mac version now but I’ve not used that … but it should be fine as well.

Splitting CUE files
Adding to Daniel comments, provided your existing rips are lossless then there are tools that can split out the Album FILE+CUE to individual tracks. Danny suggested a couple of options in his post that I linked above.
I’ve never had to use them, so can’t comment personally about them.

Hi Carl and Daniel- thank you for your help.
I do have J River so I’ll try it for removing the cue sheets.
I will also change my cd ripper !



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