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I have been trying to figure out how to tag the “Album Type” to my audio files externally. The Knowledge Base article shows “Type” as a tag that can come from the file itself as long as it is one of the six options but this only seems to work using Roon’s album editor. I have already asked support about this and have not gotten a response. Does anyone know what the tag needs to be mapped as to the file, specifically an ALAC or FLAC file? I have tried creating tags “Album Type”, “Type”, “ALBUMTYPE”, etc… and nothing works. Does anyone use this tag and how so?

Can someone from @support please actually respond to this question and try helping me to figure it out? Along with this posting, I have been messaging a support member for over two weeks about this with no response so I don’t know if they are trying to help me on this or not. If you don’t have a definite answer then at least let me know someone is trying to figure it out, opposed to just silence. Simply creating a field or tag of “Album Type” does not work in any of the tagging programs I have tried, including Picard, Yate, SongKong, Mp3tag for Mac. How does one tag a music files (ALAC specifically) so that Roon recognizes it as a Single or EP, even when it cannot identify the album? Currently, all unidentified albums go under the “Main” heading on the Artist page instead of under the “EPs and Singles” headings. You have to edit them in Roon album’s editor to change this, but the KB article on Metadata indicates that it can be set in the file itself. So how is this done? Thanks

Snap, I also cannot get this to work

If you want the album to be categorised correctly add it to musicbrainz and it;ll be synced to Roon in about a week. AFAIK Roon does not support assignment of this attribute by tag, so doing it in musicbrainz benefits everyone whereas setting it manually in Roon benefits only you.

yeah I add as much as I can to MusicBrainz but it takes a lot longer to do that than to set it manually in Roon. Adding to MusicBrainz is a whole process where selecting the album type in Roon takes 5 seconds. The knowledge base article and the support team both say that Roon is supposed to support setting the album type with the “Type” external tag. If it is supposed to work then I would like it to work, like every other tag listed there. I am hoping it is just a bug that can be easily fixed.

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Just did some experimenting with the guidance you referred here:

The guidance is flat out wrong or the tag name it not spelled out correctly.

I was just trying to ask a question about this. I also want to know the meta tag of “Album Type”.