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Can someone from @support please actually respond to this question and try helping me to figure it out? Along with this posting, I have been messaging a support member for over two weeks about this with no response so I don’t know if they are trying to help me on this or not. If you don’t have a definite answer then at least let me know someone is trying to figure it out, opposed to just silence. Simply creating a field or tag of “Album Type” does not work in any of the tagging programs I have tried, including Picard, Yate, SongKong, Mp3tag for Mac. How does one tag a music files (ALAC specifically) so that Roon recognizes it as a Single or EP, even when it cannot identify the album? Currently, all unidentified albums go under the “Main” heading on the Artist page instead of under the “EPs and Singles” headings. You have to edit them in Roon album’s editor to change this, but the KB article on Metadata indicates that it can be set in the file itself. So how is this done? Thanks

Snap, I also cannot get this to work

If you want the album to be categorised correctly add it to musicbrainz and it;ll be synced to Roon in about a week. AFAIK Roon does not support assignment of this attribute by tag, so doing it in musicbrainz benefits everyone whereas setting it manually in Roon benefits only you.

yeah I add as much as I can to MusicBrainz but it takes a lot longer to do that than to set it manually in Roon. Adding to MusicBrainz is a whole process where selecting the album type in Roon takes 5 seconds. The knowledge base article and the support team both say that Roon is supposed to support setting the album type with the “Type” external tag. If it is supposed to work then I would like it to work, like every other tag listed there. I am hoping it is just a bug that can be easily fixed.

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Just did some experimenting with the guidance you referred here:

The guidance is flat out wrong or the tag name it not spelled out correctly.

I was just trying to ask a question about this. I also want to know the meta tag of “Album Type”.

@support has there been any progress on this? Can anyone possible tell us exactly how this tag is supposed to work and/or why it is not working? Will this be addressed and fixed in 1.8? Thanks!

@Danny this is the type of thing I was talking doubt the other day. This thread alto split off when Paul Taylor stepped in. Roon KB says that the “Album Type” tag that you see when editing files in the Roon album editor can be changed in Roon by using a tag in your files called “Type”. This is useful so that unidentified albums can be properly labeled and put in their correct spot “Main Album” section or “EPs and Singles” section. It does not work. We are told it should work by using a “Type” tag on our files, but nothing works. Now we just want to know if this is a broken feature that should work, or if its not a feature and the KB article is wrong. If we are doing it wrong, tell us. If it is broken, tells and if it is not a feature then tell us and take it out of the KB article please



Returning after a hiatus. I was wondering if anyone ever got an answer to this? I started noticing this recently and it would just take too long to change each album manually in Roon. I see it has been almost 6 months since this was initially posted and still no answers or suggestions from them…this is why I took a break in the first place. :angry:

This is an example of a thread that gets users POed at Roon. The OP’s question has a definitive answer that can be answered by someone at Roon in about 5 seconds.

And yet, here the question sits. Unanswered. After SIX MONTHS. In the SUPPORT category no less!

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You seem surprised.

no, that’s not quite it. :slight_smile:
frustrated is a bit closer.

Agreed, it does not look good, but dealing with support issues is all about priorities. Answering this should be straightforward but will take time over more urgent support cases. As the query is not related to difficulty with Roon core functionality (playback, stable operation etc) it may be classed as very low priority by whatever support ticket system Roon uses. However, most support systems have timers running on all cases to prevent any being forgotten about due to other higher priorities.

ha ha, yup! I am frustrated because I want to know this too. I would be incredibly POed if I were the OP. Was thinking the same thing too about it not taking long to ask someone at Roon this question. It looks to me like it is a missing feature, one that we pay for. This issue is probably just sitting at the bottom off the queue if it even made it there. I know the support team has been busy but @mike , @noris , @support can you please get this issue fixed? And if I am wrong and it is user error, can you explain how to get this to work?

Hello everyone :wave:

Thanks for your interest in this tag - it does count when you show how important a feature or lack thereof is :pray:

I wanted to kindly ask for a little more patience, as the support team returns to work on Monday. I’ll make sure to get in touch with our team then and hopefully have an update very soon :nerd_face:

That would be great! Thanks @beka

Hey @AnimalOnDrums,

Thanks a lot for following up on this. Our team has actually looked at this already, but, we didn’t have a definite answer to share just yet. We still need to do some investigating :nerd_face:

We’ll be in touch :pray:

Hey @beka ,
Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to check and see if there is any new information about this.

Hi all, I checked with the team and it does look like there was an error in our documentation – Album Type is not importable via file tags.

I’m going to close this thread out and invite you to press the like button on the feature request linked below (no need to reply “+1” or anything, just like the original post), or reply to the questions we have for you.