Album versions not showing properly

I’m not seeing the three options displayed as suggested in the update notes, either.
Maybe this is like the “daily mix” issue from the last release, and some of us will only see it tomorrow.

edit ok, I see that I am seeing a difference, but it doesn’t look like it “was advertised”.

And for me it’s made things worse:
I click on the Beatles “Rubber Soul” and it also lists, other Beatles albums (The US "Beatles V"I, and “Yesterday and Today” under “versions”.

They aren’t “versions” of the same album, and I don’t want them there with “Rubber Soul”. Yes, they have some of the same songs. So what.
You just made my versions tab more cluttered and less helpful.

Here’s the screenshot:

I never noticed this before, but it's incorrect behaviour. Three different albums. Just so you understand. I have 8 versions of "Rubber Soul" in my Library. 1 of "Yesterday and Today" and 5 of "Beatles VI". So between the actual versions of RS properly listed, I now have 6 albums under "also in your Library" and only after I scroll thru them do I see the Qobuz version of RS. I'm not sure how it improves my experience to have 6 albums that aren't a version of RS listed there.

Hey @danny2, I checked our metadata services and everything looks OK on our end – I don’t see any versions of Rubber Soul grouped with Yesterday and Today or Beatles VI.

So it looks like this is happening because of something going on in your library, like how these albums are identified, how they’re grouped, or edits that you’ve made.

Can you share more detail about the edits you’ve made to these albums, and if you’ve grouped any versions manually?

Not sure what it could be. They aren’t all in the same directory or subdirectory.
I haven’t grouped RS together with albums that aren’t called Rubber Soul.
They aren’t all even tagged with the same genre tag.

What are the criteria for “also in your library”?

Hrm, in that case, would you mind sharing screenshots of the file tags for these albums? And if you open the album editor for these albums, what do you see in the version section?

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I’m including images from 2 incorrect albums that show up in “Also from your Library”: pic Roon 1 is from “Beatles VI” and pic Roon 2 is from “Beatles for Sale”. Also represented there is “Yesterday and Today” and Help.

I have multiple versions of all the Beatles albums. They aren’t aren’t in the same directory and don’t all have the same Genre definition.
I’m pretty consistent with tags for album titles: “Album Title (version)”