Album vs track credits

Most of my albums only have album credits (musicians/performers), no track credits. This makes perfectly sense as normally the same musicians performs all the tracks on an album.

But: the Now Playing screen only shows the track performers. I really would like to be able to see who performs from the Now Playing screen. Is there a way to do that? A setting I have overlooked? Or is there a way to easily copy the album credits to all the tracks on an album?

I wasn’t sure if you were saying you saw the Track Credits in Now Playing or not, here’s what I have, you may have to add it, and not all albums have them:

Yes, I see the Track credits, but in many cases it’s not there, because the credits are only there for the album. So what I miss is to be able to see Album credits.

Or if this is not possible I would like an easy way to copy Album credits to Track credits.

I see both, which I like, theres alot of good info, but what I don’t see, on a consistent basis, is who’s playing what instrument on which track, that was/is the joy of good ole vinyl albums.

I don’t think this is a Roon issue, more of an industry issue.

Thanks, but what you are seeing in your example is Track credits. Not Album credits. Can you supply me with a sample of the Now Playing screen showing Album credits?

No to get album credits you need to be in Album view, what I’m experiencing is the view you’re in determines what you can see:
Album View → Credits → Album Credits
Album View → Tracks → Track Credits
Play Bar → Click on Album on Left → Track Credits

Exactly. What I would like, is to be able to se the Album Credits while in Now Playing screen (Play Bar → Click on Album on Left).

This would make sense, as many albums only have Album Credits (and no Track Credits).